Aggression with Adult Son

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Applejack87 Mon 15-Jul-19 08:43:30

Hi, my sister has three kids two have which have learning problems both diagnosed with ADHD... The eldest one is 30 & has issues with his temper he is still living at home no job , he wakes up every morning shouting abuse & is very aggressive to my sister , he also wets the bed daily … The younger boy also has ADHD & has just left school he's 16 & is attending college .. MY sister is at a loss about the older one who is causing a lot of problems in the house hold he has seem a Psychiatrist who said theres nothing wrong with him we have our doubts its not normal to behave in this manner... Can anyone give advice on how to deal with this situation please ? My sister has hit a brick wall & feels there isn't any support , We feel it's time he got a job & left home , he needs some anger management how can we go about this ?

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thinkimtrying Sun 06-Oct-19 23:22:43

hi that sounds like a dangerous situation. there is aggression in the house which could be classed as domestic violence. your sister could get help from social services since there's a 16year old in the family?

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