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How to repair relationship with my son

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dippydc Sun 26-May-19 23:51:37

My son turned 18 in January 2019. We have always been a tight family. His sister is 17mths older and we have always been great communicators, honest and stuck together but my son left the home in Sept last year and refuses to communicate. I have stop trying to understand and just evolve.
I am letting him live his life and learn some lessons but when should I start to rebuild our relationship. I don't know how to stay connected and any ideas on way to reach out and let him know I care, occasionally. And when and how should I go about fixing it

WatcherintheRye Sun 26-May-19 23:57:07

What prompted him to leave? I imagine this will have a huge bearing on how you attempt a reconciliation.

Paperdolly Mon 27-May-19 00:00:09

Be the ‘adult/parent’ and never stop communicating. If you can send an open note or the occasional post card to keep the link open he can’t deny you don’t love him.

He may come round someday as he hasn’t lost the link. I feel for you, x 💐

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