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18 year old daughter gone AWOL

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comfycos Sat 18-May-19 07:01:11

My daughter has eecide to block us all out if her life, no reason no argument , her boyfriend of a couple of years whom she is the taxi and bank for is back on the scene and although we don't have a problem with him, he feels we do and has turned her against us. She's ignoring her two siblings and my parents, who she has always been close to I send her message after message just checking on her sending her live letting her know she can come home whenever.
She dropped out if college last month with 6 weeks of alevels to go, I was upset of course but supported her and have tried to support her on the next step.
She stole £40 last week from home and when I asked she blew up in my face, it was her but she denied it completely. ( No one else love at home her two sisters are both at college/ lives away)
Her dad flew home this weekend to see her and she met him for lunch (with the boyfriend) , had lunch, said she was going to the toilet and left, with her dad and sister waiting for her.
It's so awful, any advice? Do I give an ultimatum, it ride it out?
She is also only vaguely seeing her friends, who all have tried to make her see the boyfriend is controlling, it's a really tough situation

OhFFSMary Sat 18-May-19 19:28:08

OP - do you think drugs might be involved? You seem to be ignoring that possibility? If you think it is then I would suggest a lock on your bedroom door if you have jewellery although I agree with you, I wouldn’t change the locks to the house.

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