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WhateverName2 Thu 09-May-19 07:38:58

A few years ago my husband and his adult daughter, 32, met up and she told him in no uncertain terms that she think he is a crap father. Amongst other things, for getting a new family, a few years after he divorced her mother. She was hurt she could not use our holiday home as she wanted, as because she is his daughter it is also hers. She was disappointed he opened a business which took a lot of his time, but he saw her atleast once a month. (They live far away) also other things, but perhaps mostly that she was not nr 1 priority, as she was his daughter.
They tried to make up, but it ended in discussions every time. In the end my husband withdrew. It is now 2 years ago.
He seem ok. And i dont get that. I dont understand he does not move heaven and earth to make it better.
Recent events make me question his ability to feel deep feelings.
Anybody who can explain how parents can abandon their grown children, and gran children, if it is not lack of ability to feel deep emotions?

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pallasathena Sun 12-May-19 16:40:22

Its' not so simple OP. He hasn't abandoned her from what you say. He's withdrawn himself from a situation that has no current prospect of being resolved.
That's a healthy response to an intractable situation.
She appears to have serious entitlement issues which your husband can't resolve unless he gives in to her demands.
He's chosen not to.

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