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Adult Daughter and Boyfriend living at home

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Passat123 Fri 26-Apr-19 23:11:46

Hi, would like some advice please, my 21 year old daughter and her boyfriend moved in last July following then getting into dept after renting a flat as they spent all there money on weed, little to my knowledge at the time.

My daughter has a few mental health issues following her losing one of her eyes in an accident, so always have to tread carefully when confronting them sad she is currently starting therapy for this.

Her boyfriend and her treat this house like a hotel, always out getting stoned and not paying their depts, they both pay me a little bit of rent living here but it’s getting me down, the bf doesn’t nothing to help and she does very little, I have to do all the housework and even put their dinner on the table, I know I’m being soft and I do feel like they are taking the mick out of me now but jusy don’t know what to do without causing an argument which results in her getting angry and last time she self harmed when we fell out sad it’s making me ill as I stress over not paying the depths and spending all their money on weed. They will go out all evening/weekend and then just come in late and go to bed?

It’s like they have no respect for me or my home.

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