Massively Irritating new partner

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Desmondo2016 Tue 16-Apr-19 21:50:06

DS1 22yrs came out to me several months ago now and since then has been developing a relationship with a 19 year old he worked with.

My kids friends and partners have always been welcome in our house and on family holidays with us. So how do I deal with this new situation where aforementioned new boyfriend is basically the more irritating person ever. Always a smart remark, over confident, sometimes a little rude, swears inappropriately with kids around, overly physically affectionate at inappropriate times (with ds1, not me lol) comes out with utter nonsense and is quite immature.

Can also be very sweet and is great with younger kids of the family. It's so hard. O feel extra pressure because of it being the first gay relationship in our extended family. Everyone being so accepting but I'm finding myself on edge all the time when we are all together as you never know what shite he's gonna come out with next and I'm aware everyone else is sat there cringing or thinking he's a knob (I may be being a little over sensitive here as maybe they don't notice it like I do).

Arghhh. Moral support needed. Ive had to come on to bed tonight as everyone was together for dinner and it was unbearable. My husband feels the same and is likely to say something or snap at hime before long so im on eggshells about that too.

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Jackyjill6 Mon 22-Apr-19 19:19:08

I have no good advice, but if everybody else really does think he's a knob, eventually your son will realise

prettywhiteguitar Mon 22-Apr-19 19:22:12

Argh how awful, I would probably just have a word about the swearing in front of the kids but otherwise just ride it out. If he’s so bad it won’t last

SimonJT Mon 22-Apr-19 19:27:28

I would have a word with your son about his boyfriend swearing, I would grit my teeth and ignore the rest.

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