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First time mum needing some reassurance

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Littlefeather2 Thu 31-Jan-19 13:46:29

Hi I’m feeling pretty s**tty these last few days since realising my prenatal doesn’t have iodine in it. It’s sanatogen mum to be. Stupid me, I bought it based on reviews which said that it’s good for mums with bad pregnancy sickness which I had by the bucketloads. sad I’ve only just come across info about how important iodine is in pregnancy as even mild deficiency can cause lower intelligence. As iodine hasn’t always been in prenatals is there any mommies who can reassure me that my wee one will be okay? How did your children cope with reading/spelling? So annoyed with myself, I had to go and buy the only prenatals that don’t have iodine these days! confused

cushioncuddle Thu 31-Jan-19 21:47:37

You've posted in the wrong place. I'd ask Mumsnet to move it.
However your little one will be fine. It's only a vitamin supplement.

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