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Sons Girlfriend

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AbbeB Thu 31-Jan-19 13:33:45

My sons girlfriend moved in with us a couple of years ago--she shows no respect for our property at all--she has caused a considerable of damage--no apologies--she does very little in the way of help about the house and seems to think we are here to tidy up after her--when the subect is raised it just causes conflict with no acknowledgement of the problems--moving away at this time is problematic--the atmosphere in the house at the moment is awful after a major bust up--any advice gladly taken

squashyhat Thu 31-Jan-19 13:39:19

How old is she? If over 18 you know the answer.

MiniBreak Thu 31-Jan-19 13:40:46

A couple of years!!! She knows she's on to a good thing. Yes, just give them a deadline and tell them to move out.

SandAndSea Thu 31-Jan-19 13:44:25

You need to think long-term here. Can you sit them both down with a cuppa and have a gentle talk, along the lines of, "You know we love you but..." ?

Emptynestermum Sat 02-Mar-19 06:25:30

I agree with Sand&Sea. Try a gentle approach. Very tricky as you risk pushing your son away. I feel for you though as I'm in a similar position - son's girlfriend living here and we're not keen on her.

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