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Moving back in

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user1490649123 Sun 27-Jan-19 21:38:47

Hi everyone,
Advice needed. Here's the short version.
Myself and my 3 kids ( 1 being an adult) moved 50 miles away from home to a village to move in with my partner. My adult son found it hard to settle so has moved back and forth 2 times now. He currently lives with his Grandma back home but is finding her extremely difficult to live with for the second time. He now wants to come back to me for the 3rd time.
Trouble is, there is nowhere for him to sleep now as the younger 2 have grown and need their space. My partner also has a son who stays here most of the time. I don't have any claim on the house and doubt I ever will. Should I consider finding somewhere local to rent for myself and my 3 to live.? Obviously we can't move back home as my youngest 2 are in important years at school.

BackforGood Sun 27-Jan-19 22:05:30

More information needed.

How old is your 'adult' dc ?
A student or in employment (or unemployed) ?
How long ago did you move?
Was he an adult when you moved?
How old is your partner's ds?

How is your relationship with your partner ? Moving out seems an odd solution, just based on what you have posted.

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