How much effort do you make to see your adult children and GC?

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Fr3d Sun 20-Jan-19 16:40:09

Just that, really. If they moved away, do you go to see them? Or leave it to them to visit you?

I'm trying to understand my DF. I moved about 2.5 hours away and have a family of my own now so busy with work/school etc. Due to a number of reasons, we haven't been down to visit GP in 6 months. DM has come down to see us. GP are retired and looking to book their 2nd hotel break in this time. DF has no interest in coming to visit us or to take hotel break in our direction where we could meet up. So hasn't seen his DD or DGC in this time. Anyone able to help me understand this lack of interest?

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cushioncuddle Sun 20-Jan-19 22:45:17

Some people find visiting people or staying in their house uncomfortable.

We do the visiting 50/50. But when the kids were younger my mum came up every month and my dad went travelling for years so I rarely saw him.

Every family is different. Don't look at it too deep. It's just what it is.

My in-laws never come to us we have to go them and they live 10 mins away !

Upoverunder Mon 21-Jan-19 11:39:22

One of our children now has two of her own. They used to visit us but to be honest, with all the stuff they had to bring it ended up as hard work.

We now travel to see them, in their home every 6-8 weeks. We either do it in a day or sometimes an overnight in a hotel. We wouldn't like to stay as a) they don't really have the room and b) we like to escape!

Seems to work, but we don't see them as much as our other children who are local.

Fr3d Thu 24-Jan-19 21:00:04

Thanks for your replies. Yes, I understand some people just don't travel/stay with others but when they are travelling anyway and haven't seen us in months confused Anyhow, will get down again in the next month

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