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stressed by 17 & 19 yr olds

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thinkimtrying Thu 18-Oct-18 15:32:10

i am fed up of the swearing, arrogance, disrespect, laziness being shown by our children. we also have a 12 year old and the older 2 undermine the boundaries we try to set up for him.

i have asked them to leave but they would not! really stressful i have thought of going myself ...

Staringcoat Tue 13-Nov-18 10:07:47

<argh sorry didn't mean to kill the thread> blush

thinkimtrying Fri 22-Mar-19 23:34:05


how are you?

i didn't go in the end, hubby reminded me it's giving in to them if i did. he's right on this one. but he did not want them to be kicked out either - he's wrong on this.

how are you doing? as much as we value our family we do need to keep distance from toxic relationships - for everybody's sake.

thinkimtrying Fri 22-Mar-19 23:43:30


it's case to case basis but we are all entitled to say "enough"

i'm trying v hard to depart from my "family always stays together" motto because there comes a time it's best to live separate - when there's no respect, when you're tiptoeing in your own home, when there's aggression. we will always love our kids and they are always welcome if they adhere to reasonable house rules. we love them that's why we need to let them go & by doing so they'll hopefully learn. some kids choose to learn the easy way, some choose the hard way unfortunately.

so be it que sera sera God bless them.

hope it's nice & calm your end

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