Dd lies constantly

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rabbitrabbit12 Mon 17-Sep-18 20:31:38

Shes 19 and just come back home after being a year away with her bf, shes wasted a year doing nothing and piled on weight. Shes come home so she can attend a training course and get her life back on track. So tonight I went to get some cooked chicken from the fridge and it had gone, I asked everyone, no one knew. Dd point blankly denied knowing anything about the chicken. I found the wrapping in the recycling.
I told her to not lie to me, if she'd eaten it then fine.. why lie??
It's really frustrating!!
Any tips??

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Babydontcry Mon 17-Sep-18 20:53:44

I am guessing there is a backstory to this, why are you so sure it's her?

rabbitrabbit12 Mon 17-Sep-18 21:25:58

She was in before everyone else.

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SassitudeandSparkle Mon 17-Sep-18 21:31:31

Are you not happy about her moving back home, OP? Not sure if she's been travelling or sharing with a best friend or boyfriend, your title says she lies constantly and you've only mentioned one thing so I can see why the other poster was wondering about a backstory.

It is a very trivial thing to fib about, though (the missing chicken!) has she always been like this?

fruitshot Mon 17-Sep-18 21:37:40

What has her weight got to do with anything?

Unless there's a huge backstory, it seems incredibly petty.

dizzyizzie29 Mon 17-Sep-18 21:39:59

You mentioned her weight .... that's probably why she didn't want you to know she ate the chicken .....

TrueLoveWays Mon 17-Sep-18 22:03:34

How do you know it was her? Had she admitted it ?
What has her weight got to do with this?

Smellybean Mon 17-Sep-18 22:08:29

That’s just one instance you’ve given us(and not even that since she hasn’t admitted it and you have no proof it was her).

someonekillbabyshark Mon 17-Sep-18 22:20:11

Gosh, some parents worry that there DC are lieing about taking drugs or being pregnant but nope! WHO stole the chicken ! hmmshock

Tidy2018 Tue 18-Sep-18 19:55:06

OP I think I have experienced similar. It might be laughable to other people, but the lying eventually led to family relationships breaking down.

It's easy for people to dismiss this as a silly fuss over "fibbing". But if it's relentless and pointless it quickly becomes exhausting.

You mention her weight gain, and the example of lying was about food. Are you very concerned about her behaviour with food? Is it making it difficult to do the right shopping.

It's just a thought, but would she find it easier to get her life back on track if she moved out to somewhere nearby, where you can get together but be less intense?

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