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wanttobeperfect Sun 26-Aug-18 14:04:43

Hello, my eldest son has been living in Vancouver for the past 3 years. He has the most wonderful life, so I am so happy for him. However he plans to stay there and I won't be able to visit him as regularly as I have and he won't be able to come home so often. Are there other mums out there who have a similar situation and how do you overcome the ache and pain that this causes. The other thing I worry about, is when we do get to see each other its for a week or two, which means that is a long time for an adult child to spend with his mum, so it gives him time to get irritated with me and I worry he won't then look forward to our next trip whenever that might be. After 3 years I still cry over this constantly sad

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CarolDanvers Sun 26-Aug-18 14:09:59

Oh I'm so sad for you. I confess this is my worst fear but know I will just have to get on with it if the time comes.

All I can say is you're his Mum, he loves you and yes you might irritate him after a certain length of time but that's nothing to do with love. My ex H is very close to his family although he moans about them endlessly but when they moved abroad that closeness did not change and he still contacted them and laughed and fought with them as much as they all ever did and they're still very close. Try not to think negatively about it. Why should you be irritating? Why don't you think you'll be good company and he will be so happy to see you?

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