I'm so tired of been me

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BusyB77 Tue 24-Jul-18 02:47:01

I feel I'm losing it. All of the sudden kids moving to diferente grades but I feel I'm not needed anymore I've been depressed since I had my kids
And now it feels like I've created spoiling members in my house even the dog ugh!!!
Sometimes I wish I can just disappear.

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SleepWarrior Tue 24-Jul-18 03:00:49

I'm sure you're very much needed, but still that probably isn't the crux of the problem.

1) What do you for just you to enjoy or relax? If the answer is nothing, fix that. It's so important to not lose who you are and just become everyone else's organiser.

2) Make sure they know how much you do for them. Being unappreciated feels awful - people generally don't mind helping each other out endlessly when it's recognised and they are made to feel like what they do mattered to the other person. If your kids have become ungrateful (easily done) then there must be a way to steer them back on course.

And if I've missed the mark completely then ignore my post and have a wine instead! grin

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