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Stepdaughters / Girlfriends

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Pbpepbien Tue 10-Apr-18 18:01:47

My stepdaughter has been messing about for the last 3-4 years she's now 18 going on 19 shes just finished her last boyfriend who she blames for failing her last 2 courses at college which got her kicked out.

She's now got into UNI doing a foundation course which starts in September but only been 2 weeks since she split up with her boyfriend and due to the fact i'm nosy i am slowly realising she is going to get another one as we had a long talk on friday about this and she was crying saying how vulnerable and naive she is and that she will get another one and miss another year, i've found that shes setup a lads night out with a couple of lads which i seriously think are facebook randoms, I asked about protection she says she is but again i seriously doubt this but she does have an implant in her arm to stop pregnancy.

She sounds easily manipulated by boys whatever they say she does it i just dont know what to do i can't control this and i can't carry on chasing her so i told her i've taken the hooks off i just hope she doesn't get gang raped or murdered or beaten her mind is poisoned by boys totally breaks my heart.

Her mother is absolutely at the bitter end with her and i've given up totally to the point where i don't want children but as a seperate issue my GF has been going on for last 3 years about taking her coil out trying for a child and then the littlest argument sets her off and she says i'm getting my coil put back in so eventually i gave up and said just do it i don't want kids but in turn now i'm 37 my outlook on life is starting to change i'm stuck i don't where to go, once my mother goes upstairs to heaven all i will have is my brother no kids no neices nephews no father Nothing and this scares the hell out of me.


Dancinggoat Tue 10-Apr-18 23:20:14

You need to separate the two issues.
You need to let your step daughter figure her life out and be there for support.
If you're arguing with partner all the time you need to decide if your relationship has a future before trying for a baby.

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