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My grandchildren

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meme70 Fri 09-Mar-18 16:43:17

I have 4 children
My eldest loves 100 miles away to be near her dad from aged 17. She has 3 children in 26 monyhs as 2 were prem.
Her relationship was awful so I found her a gnat here with her children and wenleant her £4000 6 months rent and deposit forbhwr to pay back monthly.

She was here 5 months then told me she’s moving 160 miles away with someone she’d onky know 2 monyhs taking 2 children with her and the other is with his dad

I’m glad she’s happy but she left owing £1100 to my husband which I had to find to give him back leaving me in fonacak difficulties
She onky told me 19 days before she left although she knew for weeks
I have done a lot for all of them I cleared and cleaned both her flats when she left = painting them all out as she isn’t clean and tidy spending tons money as deposits to correct her mess

Now I rarely hear from her and I can’t travel as I’ve chrinic ibs d so I probably won’t see her or my grandchildren again.

I used to buy most the children’s clothes shoes food and send my daughter money every month and I just feel sad that she’s not interested in her maternal or paternal family she’s very wrapped up in her new partner

Would you leave her too it or ask her why she’s pushed everyone way ?

I was a parent that was always there for my children hardly went out worked around them so they were pushed around everyone didn’t drink or take drugs ? Not sure what to think.

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lozzalou93 Mon 02-Apr-18 22:27:49

You’ve done more than enough. I think if anything she probably takes you for not granted because of how much you’ve done and assumes you will always be there to save the day. I would reach out, remind her you miss and love her but don’t chase. She’s an adult and she’s making her own choices

lozzalou93 Mon 02-Apr-18 22:28:15

With regards to the money, and still being owed, that is highly disrespectful, I would not lend any in the future again

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