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Is it wrong to do to much?

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Totalpushova Sun 11-Feb-18 15:22:50

My DS is 20 - I've always been protective and tried to help him with everything as he struggled due to dyslexia and dispraxia. He was never brilliant at school but at college did well however the precious GCSE results never came his way so has lost out on being able to get apprenticeship. He has had a couple of jobs but due to work running out and being subjected to that wonderful Aussie flu, the jobs ended. He suffers from low self confidence so now he locks himself away and its me that pushes him to find work. I've always filled in forms for him and put forward applications but now he can't do these for himself and I'm feeling I've totally wrecked his chances by doing to much. I honestly don't know what to do as I want him to be independent but I know as I've always done things he now can't do them himself. I'm feeling like the worst mother for trying to be the best mother

Dancinggoat Fri 16-Feb-18 15:58:09

Hi. It's so hard to get the middle ground. I would help fill in forms and applications with mine and do. Do it together. Him talking you reading and typing.
You will probably be helping him with letters etc for many years to come.
Would he consider counselling. It's so hard for them to feel like they're contributing to the world when there's a massive barrier in the way.

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