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Advice needed

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Howlongtilldinner Mon 01-Jan-18 21:57:59

Thank you topsey I think this behaviour is very disrespectful, of me and our home.

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Christmascardqueen Mon 01-Jan-18 21:55:25

We changed all our locks to keypad entry. No keys to loose.

Topseyt Mon 01-Jan-18 21:50:38

I don't think you are in the wrong. He sounds rather disrespectful and careless.

I'd be angry about the lost keys and the fact that he just helped himself to yours from your bag.

The weed smoking would be enough of a deal breaker for me to ask him to move out. I would certainly ban those mates from coming round again.

Howlongtilldinner Mon 01-Jan-18 21:38:33

I’m very pissed off about the weed smoking. And the reason he doesn’t have a back foot key is because he’s lost (or left at mates houses) so many. He’d lose his front door key, then take the back door one and eventually lose that!

I’m also pissed off that he took MY key off MY key ring without asking me!

If he’d gone down my purse and take my credit card or money, would that be acceptable? So I think taking my key is just as bad. And the fact he left the back door open all night means we could’ve been burgled, and I wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on re insurance!

Totally irresponsible/disrespectful, but it appears that I am in the wrong here!

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Sparklingbrook Mon 01-Jan-18 20:51:36

You sound cross OP.

What has he stolen? The key?

GreenTulips Mon 01-Jan-18 20:44:52

If it's stealing what have you lost?

shhhfastasleep Mon 01-Jan-18 20:23:14

I'd ask him straight out. He's 20 , not 10. He shouldn't be so irresponsible with keys then this wouldn't arise.
As for his friends (and probably him) smoking weed, I don't know what your view is. I'd be pissed off.

Howlongtilldinner Mon 01-Jan-18 20:09:03

What an unhelpful response greentulips

FYI the back door key was on MY set of keys (so yes that’s stealing) and I have windows that open wide enough to get out of..I’m fully aware of my fire get out plan thank you very much!

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GreenTulips Mon 01-Jan-18 19:57:37

Well that's a bit fun a fire risk having the back door locked and the key hidden in key rings

He hasn't stolen it - he's used it


Howlongtilldinner Mon 01-Jan-18 19:55:16

DS 20 had mates round before and after night out last night (NYE). He is notorious for losing keys, so in the past I have hidden the back door key as he was taking this because he’d lost his front door key, he’s also lost several back door keys too!

He and mates had been in the garden, supposedly to smoke cigarettes, but I’m suspecting weed. Anyhow, I come home today and the back door has been left unlocked all night. How did he get out there? He’d taken the back door key off my key ringangryim flabbergasted and just can’t believe he took something without me knowing!

Please advise what would you do?

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