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DD 22 and depressed

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marymungomidge Tue 12-Dec-17 19:22:09

DD is living at home with me after getting a good degree from a good uni; she's now doing a Master's at another good uni nearby. Most of her life, it has just been her and me; I work full time and always have so that I can provide a home. DD has fairly serious depression which has developed due to some pretty awful stuff that has happened to her. I am glad I can provide a home for her and am happy to have her with me so that I can provide some care and stability and company. However, she id quite demanding! She doesn't contribute financially, and since she's still a student I think that's ok. She does about a third of the housework. I'm teaching her to drive but she's making slow progress so is often dependent on me for transport. She has very low self-esteem - partly because of the depression, partly because she's very overweight (though beautiful). She may also have ME (as do I). We've recently moved house and expenses have been high; as a result, I'm considering cancelling a short holiday I'd booked for us next week. Actually, I'd booked it for us and an elderly friend in order to cheer my friend up and give her something to look forward to; the friend has cancelled because of ill health and I really want to cancel and put the money towards Christmas and getting the hew house sorted. But my daughter is clearly disappointed and has gone upstairs in a sulk. I want to give her things to look forward to as well, but frankly I already bend over backwards and I'm surprised by how she's behaving. I could do with staying home and sorting the house out and having a peaceful Christmas with her; she clearly had her heart set on the hol. It feels sometimes as if she still demands all the things she had as a child, and then lots more things that she wants as an adult. But then, I think - she's depressed (massively) and ill (quite badly) and of course anyone would be disappointed at the prospect of a cancelled holiday. Hey ho! Going round in circles. Advice please!

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