Help! Baby won't drink milk from cup

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Dalesgirl16 Sat 02-Dec-17 17:20:49

My baby is nearly 13 mo and we tried to get her to drink her milk from a cup this morning and she just wouldn't so we caved in and gave her her bottle! Not good. She has two bottles a day, the next at bedtime and was using tommy tippee first cup with a spout for her water until a week ago when we changed to munchkin 360 where you just sip to draw the water out. She is fine with it for water but wouldn't drink her milk from it this morning.We tried keeping everything else same , holding her in arms but still wouldn't have it. Any tips on this transition or do we just have to go cold turkey and sit there TIL she takes it?

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Chaosofcalm Sat 02-Dec-17 17:24:37

The 360 cups are not recommended for teeth. If she is happy with a tommee tippee cup then go back to it.

RebootYourEngine Sat 02-Dec-17 17:25:30

I wouldnt worry. 13 months is still quite young. I would start with drinking from a cup during the day and maybe use a cup with a teet for bedtimes if they will drink from that.

I would probably get this thread moved to chat or something as your child is not an adult.

DonkeyOaty Sat 02-Dec-17 17:26:03

As long as you religiously clean teeth after the bedtime bottle I wouldn't worry. Honestly, I wouldn't.

lightcola Sat 02-Dec-17 17:30:44

Don’t worry at this age. 2 bottles of milk a day won’t hurt. My DS was around 18 months before we were able to get rid of the bed time bottle. He went on a bit of a milk protest (as in drank less) but I didn’t worry as he had lots of yogurt etc during the day. He now drinks lots of milk.

pastabest Sat 02-Dec-17 17:36:55

chaos that’s interesting about the 360, I haven’t heard that before.

What makes it bad for teeth, I had assumed it was better than a bottle?

Dalesgirl16 Sat 02-Dec-17 18:00:05

Wow I don't know how I posted here but thanks for the replies!

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