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DS has no self confidence

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Terrylene Thu 28-Sep-17 13:22:28

Can you get him into volunteering? My DS goes to a National Trust group once a fortnight and it gets him out from under my feet and they usually get cake wink - his brother could go too?

user1486472583 Fri 15-Sep-17 12:12:52

My DS is 23. He has a university degree, karate black belt, is very good looking, considerate etc etc but he has such a low opinion of himself. He is quiet, doesn't assert himself and seems generally unhappy. His mates have mostly gone their separate ways. He was so content and outgoing at sixth form. How can I help? He is trying to set up a little business with his brother and that isn't doing well. I know he has to lead his own life but I can't just watch this.

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