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Having grown up children but being a young mum..

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missmove38 Fri 28-Jul-17 08:13:43

Just wondered how many of you are still 'young' mums..I hyphenate as at times don't feel it!
I have 2 children 18 & 20 & im 38..I don't think there's 1 person who's nearly spat their drink out or said 'you're not old enough' when I've told them!
Anyone the same? What's it like for you having children this age and almost getting your life back?!

ihatethecold Fri 28-Jul-17 08:20:53

Yes. I am.
My kids are 26 ( with his own kids of 6 & 7)
17 and 14.

I'm a young looking 43 year old.
When I'm out with my grandkids I look like their mum.

I haven't changed much in the last 20 years.

HalfShellHero Fri 28-Jul-17 08:21:23

Ill be in this position one day when im 40 ill have a 21 and 18 year old feels odd in those terms i was 10 when my mum turned 40.

MrsJayy Fri 28-Jul-17 08:26:22

I am 46 with a 24 yrold and a 20yrold I am told I am to young to have the eldest but when i had her i was too young what can you do but nod and smile grin tbh it is great some of my friends still have primary kids and doing school runs and afterschool activities while i am supping wine coffee on a wednesday night

Cleanermaidcook Fri 28-Jul-17 08:35:14

I'm 45 with a 23 year old, I also have a 7 and 9 year old. People who know me as their mum are always surprised when I say I have an adult child (and a grandchild) I take it as a compliment.
I don't feel old enough to be a grandma.

christmasunicorn Fri 28-Jul-17 08:42:29

I don't have adult children yet but have a 13yr old and I'm 32. I know I'm the youngest Mum amongst her friends but did nearly spit my tea out when one admitted her mum is the same age as my MIL blush

Ronnyhotdog Wed 16-Aug-17 10:46:42

I'm 36 with an 18 & 14yr old. I look young too, I always get told I look too young to have an 18yr old, I usually say I am, I started young. That doesn't bother me that much the annoying question that sometimes follows really gets my goat though " is your husband his dad?" Or " Do they have the same dad?" Or variations of that question, arghhh so rude. I doubt someone who had their children later in life is asked that question.
In my head I'm still 18, I'm the youngest mum in ds1's friendship group and he's said he finds it hard to relate to his friends gripes with their parents.
I like being a young Mum, Ds1 is heading off to uni soon and I'm going to find it hard, poor ds2 is going to be getting more attention than he likes, I think that'll be the same for any Mum.
I dread ds2 leaving home, dh and I have never been adults without children if that makes sense, I'm sure we'll cope. It'll be hard at first.

Mrscropley Mon 21-Aug-17 09:41:45

I am 46, oldest is 28, youngest is 3. Gs is 18 mo. . Very confusing when out have dc shouting dm and gm at the same time!!

Winniethepooer Mon 21-Aug-17 09:50:28

Im 43. Ds is 27 (gd is 1) & dd is 25.

People are very intrigued. Some people are incredibly nosy. Sometimes i answer the questions other times i nod & smile & agree I'm too young to be their mum.

I find it strange that people are surprised by how successful my dc are.

People presume I'm my dc friend more then mum. I was not their friend first, I was just their mum. My dc didn't realise i was young until they went to Secondary school.

MrsJayy Mon 21-Aug-17 09:57:44

Why do people act shocked occasionally i get the omg 24 you are to young blah de blah it is really rude but I just smile &nod

Sprite4 Mon 30-Oct-17 19:43:20

I have a 24 year old and I’m 43, now have 3 more and I always get asked if they have the same Dad! That’s really annoying

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