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Ok I'm driving us nuts!!!

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hollolew2 Wed 31-May-17 08:31:49

My Ds has just finished his Grad placement year which he loved & cutting a long story short was offered a couple of jobs the one he accepted was basically non existent so he has to start looking for a job from scratch again. I'm trying to help but I think I'm driving him nuts I keep showing him jobs he's already applied for etc but I don't know how else to help!!
I feel for him he now doesn't even want to continue in career path he's loved all his life. I know I have to let him get on with it but I'm feeling really sorry for him anyone got any suggestions?

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ferriswheel Wed 31-May-17 08:38:48

I have three pre school sons. I was discussing this kind of thing with my friend for the future. Tbh I think you need to get yourself busy with yourself. Study, holiday, deep clean the attic. You need to be unavailable to help, before he stops telling you anything.

You have my sympathies. It must be very, very frustrating.

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