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What is one thing you didn't have as a kid, that you would like for your child.

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Beeblebear Thu 18-Jul-13 04:50:38

My husbands answer to this would be the name Luke Skywalker. Luckily I uaed my labour veto for this one.

ratbagcatbag Thu 18-Jul-13 05:04:11

Mine would genuinely be a happy childhood, mine was miserable and I refuse to let the same happen for my dd. smile

TwllBach Thu 18-Jul-13 05:26:18

Can I have two things?

My first would be that I would want my dc to be treated equally by both parents. My dad quite obviously ha a favourite and it made things difficult between my brother and I.

My second would be that I would never want to involve my dc in arguments between me and dp. My childhood was filled with being told that mummy and daddy were thinking about getting a divorce and what did I think? And both of them used to tell us all the gory details of how the other was being horrible. I remember my father once asking my brother and I if we knew why mummy was out and was it because she had a new boyfriend? And my mother was particularly keen on coming to my room in tears because of xyz.

I won't be doing that to my dc.

AKissIsNotAContract Thu 18-Jul-13 05:35:49

A dad that isn't a total cunt.

icepole Thu 18-Jul-13 05:38:01

A sober mum.

mamalovebird Thu 18-Jul-13 06:07:14

Sober parents

I want my children to feel important and not like they are a total inconvenience

The chance to have an opinion of their own that is recognised as valid

The chance to do different activities and find out what they are good at. I never got to go to any classes or activities and would have loved to have learned the piano or guitar. It took me until my thirties to find hobbies that I'm good at and really enjoy.

PoppyWearer Thu 18-Jul-13 06:27:05

To give them an awareness of the world beyond our town, and encourage them to go and explore it.

To wish them to be confident, rounded people rather than solely focused on academic success.

To let them enjoy the here and now, whilst they are kids, through both material things, once-in-a-lifetime holidays and days out (that I was not allowed "because we can't afford it"), rather than squirrelling away every spare penny for my own retirement. (My Parents are now very comfortably off in retirement, but it does make me wonder why we lived so frugally all those years!)

To have friends over to play and birthday parties.

dyslexicdespot Thu 18-Jul-13 06:36:08

I want DS to grow up without ever feeling that he has to take care of me or involve himself in arguments DH and I have.

I want him to feel that DH and I are a solid unit that will love and protect him.

NothingsLeft Thu 18-Jul-13 06:41:22

Sober, non abusive parents.

I really want him to grow up around normal, stable relationships and be able to forge these himself later life.

coffeewineandchocolate Thu 18-Jul-13 06:45:12

to grow up without the pressure of religious beliefs being dictated and to have parents who are able to show affection.

LegArmpits Thu 18-Jul-13 06:48:31

A Mr Frosty.

CUnexttuseday Thu 18-Jul-13 06:57:19

support - i have always loved horses and riding but was not supported or encouraged by my family. i will support my boys in whatever sport/hobby they love (i hope its riding)

cogitosum Thu 18-Jul-13 06:59:41

To be able to walk to school , friends' houses, shops etc. we lived in the middle of nowhere and had to be driven everywhere.

Other than that i'd like them to pretty much have my childhood, I was very happy.

CitrusyOne Thu 18-Jul-13 06:59:45

See I thought of mr frosty first too legarmpits but then I came on the thread and all the relies were far deeper than that, and I thought that actually I had quite a good childhood

although I always wanted playdough and was never allowed it because my mum hated the smell

SupermansBigRedPants Thu 18-Jul-13 07:03:28

First thing i thought of - a scooter! I never had one and it drove me crazy as a child. Dd has always had one and broke the damned things and ds stands on his going wheeee wheeee whilst not going anywhere unless df is pushing him grin

I'd also like them to feel they can come to me for anything - yes I may say no/not be happy/be upset/disappointed - but I still want them to feel safe coming to me and know that I will do my best for them, whatever the situation.

Nishky Thu 18-Jul-13 07:07:52

Unconditional love.

exoticfruits Thu 18-Jul-13 07:07:53

Gosh, what a sad thread.
I have tried to think and I can't come up with anything!

Nishky Thu 18-Jul-13 07:09:59

I don't see it as sad exotic, yes it's horrible that people were unhappy as children, that is heartbreaking; but people moving on from that and being determined to ensure their children never feel that. I think that is uplifting.

SpecialAgentTattooedQueen Thu 18-Jul-13 07:15:56

A treehouse
A carebear to cuddle (v expensive when I was a child sad)
Old fashioned dollhouse For me

Not to inherit any of my MH problems.

To not be judged on their skin colour.

williaminajetfighter Thu 18-Jul-13 07:18:03

Dresses. Barbies. Girly things.

Mom was 70s feminist who dressed me in boys clothes and didn't let me have or play with any toys that furthered gender stereotyping.

recall Thu 18-Jul-13 07:18:59


ArabellaBeaumaris Thu 18-Jul-13 07:19:37

I would like my kids to feel like they fit in with their peers. Not sure whether anyone feels that, but I reckon being dressed reasonably nicely, being allowed long hair (girls), watching telly etc might help.

KnittedWaffle Thu 18-Jul-13 07:19:53

Screwball scramble.

marriedinwhiteagain Thu 18-Jul-13 07:23:48

That they know they were wanted. Encouragement.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Thu 18-Jul-13 07:25:02

A dad.

Which she has and they adore each other smile

Siblings. Which she sadly won't have.

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