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How do I explain what 'sexy' means to a 6 year old?

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BlueberryPancake Mon 11-Jun-12 12:18:27

DS (6) came back from school the other day saying that some of the girls were singing a song which had the word sexy in it, and he wanted to know what it meant. I told him it was adult talk and children shouldn't be using this word. Then he started to call his little brother 'sexy', and then he started singing 'I'm sexy and I know it' which he probably heard on the radio, or at school. Then this turned out into a bit of a joke with his little brother and turned into 'if you're sexy and you know it clap your hands' !!! Anyway, how do I explain to him what it means and why it's not appropriate for a child to use that word? It's quite fully really, we've had many open discussions about sexual stuff and how babies are made etc, but I just can't get my head around how to explain what that word means... confused

BlueberryPancake Mon 11-Jun-12 12:19:23

I meant funny, especially the 'if you're sexy and you know it clap your hands' bit...

Fizzybee Mon 11-Jun-12 12:25:11

I told ds (6) it's a grown up word that adults use to mean they like how another grown up looks but stressed it was only appropriate for adults to say it he accepted that

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 11-Jun-12 12:48:35

Tell him calling someone 'sexy' means you really want to kiss them .... for most six year-old boys, kissing someone is a pretty alarming thought. Especially kid brothers.

nellyjelly Mon 11-Jun-12 12:55:06

i had same conversation with my DD age 6. I blame that LMFAO song - ' I'm sexy and I Know it'

BlueberryPancake Mon 11-Jun-12 12:59:09

Cogito, great idea! and yes i think it's from that stupid song too....

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 11-Jun-12 15:53:04

Wait until they look at you with their trusting little eyes and say 'darling mamma.... what does 'gay' mean?....' Cold light of day I could think of a thousand good answers. Put on the spot - rubbish.

gobbledegook1 Thu 14-Jun-12 16:27:57

My DSD is a bit older than that (10) and we just said its another way of saying someone is attractive though I think Fizzybee's way of saying it is probably better.

Buntingbunny Thu 14-Jun-12 18:50:07

DD2 has never asked, I fear like the word fashionable, she's known from birth.

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