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Which scooter for a 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl?

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letseatgrandma Thu 08-Mar-12 21:49:12

We have had a succession of crap Argos £10 scooters which last a year, but having seen the quality of DD2's micro mini scooter, I wonder if it's better to get something that will last?

One of DS's friends has the maxi micro scooter and they look good, but DS says it's a bit rubbish as it has 3 wheels (?). I wonder about getting one of DD1 (8) though as she does seem to like her sister's one-are these as good as the mini ones for the pre-schoolers?

What do your 10-12 year old boys have though-is there something a bit more 'cool'??! I was looking at some websites, but am not sure of the makes-there's MADD, JD bug, Slamm and Razor-are any of these better makes than the others??!

alison222 Fri 09-Mar-12 16:53:56

Ds Has a JD bug. He says it is very bumpy when he rides it - I think he was hoping for something with a bit more give ( suspension?) in it. I think that the maxi micro ones are more comfortable to ride.
Make sure you buy one height and weight appropriate.
Perhaps someone else will happen along and tell you about some of the others

jalopy Fri 09-Mar-12 19:04:35

My son has a Razor and it's made well and looks 'cool'.

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