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Aspergers Son and Meltdowns Over Not Winning!

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woopsidaisy Fri 03-Feb-12 15:24:18

Hi. My DS is 7. He is popular and gets on well at school etc. But he really struggles with not winning or being "best".
For example, shouting at younger team-mates at football class for being "crap" when other team scored-note,he is not exactly Wayne Rooney either! grin
Coming home from other lessons,e.g., tennis in foul humour/teary because someone else did really well.
Sobbing and spending half an hour screaming about best friend because friends premiership footie team beat his team!
Today he had a meltdown at home time, because he found out someone else won a homework comp! He came second! confused
We have always stressed the importance of taking part that counts, being part of a team etc...being a bad/good loser....but he is getting worse!
Has anyone any experience of this? Any books or anything to help?
Much appreciated.

woopsidaisy Sat 04-Feb-12 09:09:49


lovechoc Sat 04-Feb-12 11:59:30

We have this with DS1 who is nearly 5yo, he finds it hard to take when he loses (does not have Aspergers' though so cannot comment on that part of it). It's difficult for children to come to terms with not winning and I think it's worse with boys IMO. We have tears if DS1 does not win, he really finds it hard to accept if he comes second or loses (DH sometimes chases him up the step to front door and if he gets there before DS1 then all hell breaks loose!). We try out best to use distraction to guide him away from all the upset. It's the only thing that we feel works best for now. No idea how well that will work as he gets older though! Good luck, I hope things will get easier for you smile

ommmward Sat 04-Feb-12 15:01:16

get down to the special needs area on mumsnet and ask there - there'll be lots of people with AS-specific similar experiences there smile

CharlieBoo Mon 06-Feb-12 14:25:27

My ds, 7 in a few weeks is exactly the same!! He is footy mad and a terrible looser. He scored an own goal in a tournament a few weeks ago and he cried all afternoon over it. I think it's very common tbh. We try and make sure he looses everynow and again at things at home. He is very competitive.

startail Mon 06-Feb-12 14:33:01

All advice gratefully revived I have a 10y DD who is still a bad looser and a DH who has his moments.
Don't try and play Mario Karts with either of them.
It's only now that you stand a chance of playing a board game with DD2 and her not storm, but she still moans.

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