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Oh no we've lost wupwup! Place your bets please!

(16 Posts)
Frizbe Thu 18-Aug-05 20:19:53

ARGH! dd went out with granny yesterday and lost wupwup, dd's favourite doggy.....fobbed her off last night and it worked, as he often has popped in the wash, but two nights on a row is not working.....checked all the shops and grannys route today, but to no avail, the dog is gone....and dd's been screaming for the last hour! been to toys r us, and they don't have them anymore....argh! ideas please? she has room full of toys, but wants wupwup, how long do you think she can scream for?

compo Thu 18-Aug-05 20:20:25

have you tried ebay?

Kayleigh Thu 18-Aug-05 20:21:54

What did wupwup look like?

Tipex Thu 18-Aug-05 20:29:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starlover Thu 18-Aug-05 20:30:45

oh dear poor her....

give us all the details you can... where was he from? what does he look like?

starlover Thu 18-Aug-05 20:30:58

ooo hi like tipex's idea!

Whizzz Thu 18-Aug-05 20:31:30

Someone on here must have a replacement wupwup!

Hausfrau Thu 18-Aug-05 20:34:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiredemma Thu 18-Aug-05 20:39:53

gosh frizbe, my ds would be devastated if he lost his little "simba", it goes everywhere with him and stinks!!!
I thought he had lost it a few weeks ago and must admit, even i felt upset as he has had it since 4mths old, ( i imagine it lost somewhere wanting to come home- like its real like the toys in toy story!!!)

hope something comes up for your dd.

hunkermunker Thu 18-Aug-05 20:41:39

Oh dear

We have "bedtime bear" and "out and about bear" - one stays in the cot and one comes out with us (hence the very imaginative names!). They're identical - and Mothercare don't make them any more...

Whizzz Thu 18-Aug-05 20:43:21

Come on Frizbe, we need a wupwup PhotoFit so we can all search our toyboxes

DS has Fluffy (v small dog) & Growly (Lion) by the way

Frizbe Thu 18-Aug-05 20:46:01

argh tiredmama, I was thinking the same!! wonder if the collection of fimbles will go and find him?
Hunker I agree I normally wouldn't take wupwup out, but granny grabbed him as dd was demanding him....argh!
So description.....he's a small light brown dog...from animal alley at toys r us.....that's all I can say really! well photos I'm afraid.....have told dh to buy two of any further animals!

Frizbe Thu 18-Aug-05 20:47:04

Oh hang on I have mummy wupwup, I shall try to photo her, so you can get the gist! (dd got the baby and I got the big one when she was born, the big one is no good tho.....)

Frizbe Thu 18-Aug-05 20:58:31

ah alas no, the bloomin digi camera is out of photos today ladies......have managed to rock dd to sleep.....tomorrows another day eh!

hunkermunker Thu 18-Aug-05 21:02:30

Hope she stays asleep and is OK - will Mummy Wupwup not do for a bit? I'm scared of losing either bear - DS gets so excited when he sees them and gives them the best cuddles (better than he gives us...hmm...!).

Actually, we have a smaller version of the same bear and DS will happily hand him back to me and look for his proper bear, so scrap the Mummy Wupwup idea!

Frizbe Thu 18-Aug-05 21:11:59

Yep thanks for the idea but have tried that, but she knows mummy wupwup is usually sat on the shelf in mummys room....she's got her at the mo, but isn't happy about it....

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