3 year old swearing - help!!

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earthpixie Thu 08-Jul-10 20:01:53

My little boy just called me a stupid c**t and I feel sick.
We don't use language like that. Where has he heard it??!
I reacted really strongly, which I guess is the absolute opposite of the recommended response. I just couldn't help myself - total reflex to hearing this vile word coming out of his mouth.

ANY advice/comments desperately needed - I'm shaking.

I'm putting him to bed now but will be back soonish - please help.

scurryfunge Thu 08-Jul-10 20:06:43

Best to not over react, as you say...."we don't use that word, it is not a nice thing to say" etc.

He has obviously heard it somewhere though!
I wouldn't bring it up again though,otherwise it'll become a word of interest.

jobhuntersrus Thu 08-Jul-10 20:11:02

Ignore it unless he is saying it repeatedly. A simple "No thank you that is not a very nice word" if you feel you need to say something. If he gets a big reaction it could make him say it more.

ttalloo Thu 08-Jul-10 20:21:25

It is awful to hear such horrid language coming from children, especially the c word. I'm not surprised you're upset.

Ignoring it is best, but if it continues I would tell him it's not a very nice word, and if he hears anybody use it he should tell them off.

This seems to have worked with DS1 (3.6 yrs) who, thanks to DH's inability to control his potty mouth, was shouting fucking hell this weekend. And it was extremely satisfying to hear him tell DH when DH swore yesterday that he shouldn't say rude words. DH was quite shocked. smile

shazbean Thu 08-Jul-10 20:36:06

Another one for don't make too much fuss. My DD did this for a while, the best being in front of our neighbour 'We don't say wanker Mummy do we?'. 'No darling we don't.'
Thankfully said neighbour has her own DCs and also gave no reaction. We just told her its not nice to use words like that and apart from a few weeks testing us out she has never used any profanities again - lets see what happens when shes older wink.

earthpixie Fri 09-Jul-10 07:30:40

Thank you - we had a power cut last night so I couldn't respond to your replies then.

He said "cump" later and I just said "We don't use words like that" (!)

I still feel upset - it really was a horrible moment - but I suppose most parents go through this at some point.sad

Thanks again

earthpixie Fri 09-Jul-10 10:39:17

Just spoken to my husband who says that a builder in the street (our street is having major roadworks) used the word loudly enough for them to hear in the house.


Should I take it up with company in charge?

Sixer Fri 09-Jul-10 10:48:53

This reminds me of when my DS tried out the F word. "Duck!" I laughed out, "what on earth are you chatting about ducks for?!?!" . He's not tried any others since.

HousewifeOfOrangeCounty Fri 09-Jul-10 10:51:25

I'd go and have a word with the builder, he'll probably be embarrassed.

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