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Have amber teething necklaces worked for anyone?

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lolalotta Thu 08-Jul-10 19:19:58

My lo is really suffering at the moment... Neal's yard teething crystals don't seem to help much and I didn't want to rely on the hardstuff (ibuprofen etc, lol!) too much to get her through! Any thoughts?

thisisyesterday Thu 08-Jul-10 19:22:00

i feel like ours has helped ds2 and ds3. obviously i have no proof, but on a couple of days when ds3 hasn't had it on he's been much grumpier.

but who knows. to be quite honest, they look cool anyway so i don't care if it works or not wink

lolalotta Thu 08-Jul-10 19:27:28

Lol, TIY, totally see what you are saying! Do you take them off at night? Can they chew them or are they not long enough for that? Just worried about how strong they are and choking hazzard!

IMoveTheStars Thu 08-Jul-10 19:29:00

How come you don't want to use ibuprofen (not picking, just asking )
Was like a magic potion for DS when teething.

Try the Teetha teething crytals (we get them from waitrose) they seem better than other one's I've tried.

Loopymumsy Thu 08-Jul-10 19:50:01

Message withdrawn

IMoveTheStars Thu 08-Jul-10 19:58:54

How do they work?

Loopymumsy Thu 08-Jul-10 20:11:39

Message withdrawn

lolalotta Thu 08-Jul-10 20:30:01

Thanks for your replys, I think I am going to get one!
Jareth, I am just not comfortable with using meds regulary and like Loopymumsy I just want to use it when it gets REALLY bad (HV didn't seem keen on meds for babies she didn't say why and I heard something about calpol being linked to asthma...not read up on that in more detail though!)
Where did everyone get theres?
Thank you!

Loopymumsy Thu 08-Jul-10 20:42:36

Message withdrawn

AmazingBouncingFerret Thu 08-Jul-10 20:48:10

My DD is 6 months old, is that too young for one?

thisisyesterday Thu 08-Jul-10 20:50:47

i got mine from myriad

they aren't designed to be chewed, they're relatively short, although ds3 can just about get his into his mouth if he really tries but he rarely does

all the beads are knotted indivdually, so that if it snaps they don't all fall off

thisisyesterday Thu 08-Jul-10 20:51:17

no, they can wear them from little

lolalotta Thu 08-Jul-10 21:15:28

thisisyesterday, I LOVE Myriad, they are just up the road from me, heehee! The toys are SOOOOOO nice! I will have a look! Have you had any probs with yours snapping at all?

thisisyesterday Thu 08-Jul-10 21:40:53

nope, it's really strong actually, i'm very happy with it

Loopymumsy Fri 09-Jul-10 06:23:10

Message withdrawn

Longtalljosie Fri 09-Jul-10 06:33:54

It's ibuprofen which it's better not to give your child if they do have asthma, perhaps that's where that came from.

In general though - teething is painful. If you would take painkillers yourself if you were in a lot of pain, I would extend that courtesy to your child too.

And when they have a high temperature, Calpol is essential because they can't regulate their body temperature as well as adults.

WidowWadman Fri 09-Jul-10 06:38:10

I think it's cruel to withhold painkillers from a child who needs them and give them some woo placebo instead (teething necklaces and crystals are nothing but).

Offer icecream or something like cucumber fresh from the fridge to chew on. Dentinox works a treat, and if you don't want to give ibuprofen try calpol.

Loopymumsy Fri 09-Jul-10 06:54:14

Message withdrawn

WidowWadman Fri 09-Jul-10 07:00:19

My daughter doesn't have teething trouble everyday, so there's no need to medicate everyday.

I said withholding painkillers from a child in pain is cruel.

Using ambernecklaces as such is not cruel, they're only woo.

sarah293 Fri 09-Jul-10 07:18:18

Message withdrawn

lolalotta Fri 09-Jul-10 07:44:52

All I said was is that I don't want to rely on meds too much, not that I am going to withold them all together! If I gave my lo meds everytime I thought her teeth "possibly" could be bothering her I would be giving her them regularly, and that is something I'm just not comfortable with, each to there own and all that! I would rather give her something cold to chew on a lots of cuddles if her teeth are niggling at her.
And of course I am going to give calpol to control a high temperature!
And Widowwadman how do you KNOW that the amber necklaces are just "woo"? Have you seen scientific studies to back this up? Just interested!

PfftTheMagicDragon Fri 09-Jul-10 08:13:52

Of course they don't work. You might as well stick a load of fruit pastilles around her neck!

Give her some medicine!

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 09-Jul-10 08:34:07

Very popular in Switzerland, but, like Pfft said, fruit pasilles would be just as effective. I did ask a dentist about them, he just rolled his eyes. He is Swedish though.

thisisyesterday Fri 09-Jul-10 12:21:00

no-one is suggesting witholding drugs full stop

we use the necklace, but if ds3 is particularly grumpy/whingy etc then i give medication

i LIKE to think that we have less of those days when we are using the necklace, but as I pointed out in my first post, that could just be coincidence

PfftTheMagicDragon Fri 09-Jul-10 13:05:23

I didn't say that anyone was suggesting withholding medicine. My point was that if they need the medicine, if they are in pain - they should have it. Otherwise, they don't need medicine. Amber necklaces are not medicine.

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