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my 2yo seems to have forgotten sleep! HEEELP!

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alittlebitshy Wed 17-Aug-05 19:12:06

For the last few nights my dd has been crying before going to sleep (ie i've been goin up to her) and once she's finally gone off she's been up again in the night. one night she woke at 3.30 and i swear did not go off again that night. the next night i gave in (dh was away) and put travel cot in our room and we both had a nice sleep, then last night although it took marginally less time to get her to go to sleep in the first place, between about 2 and 7 she was awake, screaming, calling out (dh sent me to another room..he was jet lagged anyway so was not goin to get to sleep much anyhow) then went off til we woke her at 9. I am DREADING tonight with a real passion. She prob will drop off as so tired, refused to nap, and been whingy all pm, but what the heck can we do about night? we try a bit of controlled crying but between goings in she screams and asks to be tucked in, to get up (anything to get us to come) and just won't fall back to sleep like she used to. What if she always only needs this little sleep. I just can't cope. Am falling apart and it;'s been less than a week.
sorry to whinge, but.....

HellyBelly Thu 18-Aug-05 11:47:31

How did it go last night? My ds is nearly 2½ and he's been going through a little bit of a phase of waking in the night. It's died down a bit and now it's just he wakes up at 5.30am every day and doesn't have a nap during the day. He still wakes occasionally and is really crying and says he's had a bad dream - maybe a bit of night terrors???

Anyway, I feel for you as I'm exhausted with it all (always wants mummy not daddy).

Wish I could give advice but bumping for others who may have some!

alittlebitshy Thu 18-Aug-05 13:15:37

better thanks.... she whinged before she went to sleep, but with controlled crying/whinging we (dh lol) only went in once in the end and she did sleep all night. she was exhausted though... no nap and 7 hours max the night before, and slept through but...

not sure whether to drop the nap and see if that makes a difference cos she has been resisiting a bit lately. oh i don't know.


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