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18 month old giving up milk

(2 Posts)
Em32 Mon 15-Aug-05 12:45:43

Have posted on the food section but no-one is replying.... My LO has given up on his milk (which he will still only drink from a bottle) since he has had three molars coming through at once; I think as it was hurting him to suck. He's had no milk now for seven days. He happily drinks water from a cup or beaker but won't drink milk from either. He does eat yoghurt, cheese, rice pudding etc so is getting calcium elsewhere but I'd rather he was drinking some milk as well. Any suggestions as to how to persuade him back onto it? He drank from a straw yesterday when his dad offered him a go - so I thought about trying cartons of milk. Has anyone tried that?

fqueenzebra Mon 15-Aug-05 13:10:08

I don't think cow's milk is strictly necessary, as long as he's getting lots of fat protein and calcium from somewhere.

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