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When does a girl want a bedroom to herself?

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spidermama Fri 12-Aug-05 15:47:15

My dd, who is nearly 7, has her own room but has taken to sleeping in the bedroom with her two brothers who are 5 and 3. Perhaps I jumped the gun by giving her her own room when she was 5.

Is there an age when children decide they need their own space?

Distel Fri 12-Aug-05 15:49:11

My dd is 3 and we are hoping to move soon. She is mortified that she will have her own room and not have to share with her 2 brothers anymore. I want her to have her own room so I can make it pink and girlie, I was never allowed pink and girlie .

spidermama Fri 12-Aug-05 16:01:22

I would delay it for as long as possible if I were you Distel. Keep 'em in the same room. It makes bedtime stories much easier and frees up a room for you. Have the luxury of a spare room for a bit. I wish I had.

starlover Fri 12-Aug-05 16:03:01

can't remember. but i do know that when myself and my brother were ltitle we were constantly wanting to share a room and then a few weeks later wanted our own back.... it may just be the novelty!

nutcracker Fri 12-Aug-05 16:30:55

I think it depends on the child to be honest.

My Dd was thrilled when she got her own room at 6, but her sister was only 4 at the time and was and still is unimpressed and wished they could share.

They could actually share but Dd1 is adamant she wants her space.

spidermama Fri 12-Aug-05 21:41:16

If I had the time again I'd certainly put it off for longer, not least because it would mean we'd have a spare room for guests.
But then retrospect is an exact science eh?

Miaou Fri 12-Aug-05 22:33:13

When we moved house six months ago dd1 got her own room, aged 7.5. Even with hindsight I think the timing was right for her.

Dd2 is not so impressed however - she hasn't got anyone else to blame the mess on!

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