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picky picky picky!!! - Help!

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Jumblesmum Fri 12-Aug-05 11:16:52

Hello all you super mummies! You've been a great help in the past so try this one for size!!
My DS (13mths) used to eat absolutely anything i handed him - bread, toast, cake (funny that ), banana, egg - whatever. Now he refuses pretty much anything not cake or biscuit shaped. Can't get him to eat fruit unless its pureed and on a spoon - won't even touch most of it with his fingers. loves cheese - so much so that he won't eay lunch wihout it. just howls. eats tea fine tho! Also worried that all his food is still mashed or chopped finely - still very baby foody not grown up at all. Had real problem with lumps - if he found one he would instantly be sick. Worried I'll have a 5 yo eating mush cos he just won't try anything! Please help! Thanks. (also won't drink milk anymore - has bout 8oz a day in brekkie and a drink and no more all day - even refuses before bed.)

DissLocated Fri 12-Aug-05 12:01:31

My dd went through a funny phase with food at about 13 months, she's now 16 months. She stopped eating the huge variety of food she would normally eat (curry, bolognese, everything) and started insisting on finger food only and everything had to be really plain, eg boiled potatoes, chicken and peas. No herbs, no sauce etc

She also started to eat far less than normal which was worrying.

It was just a phase though, I stopped worrying and just offered her healthy food and snacks. If she didn't eat it I took it away without making a fuss. I figured if she was hungry she would eat.

Luckily, she seemed to just grow out of it and is now back to eating anything and everything.

Not sure if this helps, I can't offer any words of wisdom on the lumpy stuff as my dd has more of a problem with purees! Try not to stress too much about it though, worrying won't make him eat any differently.

Chuffed Fri 12-Aug-05 12:09:39

jumblesmum does he like rasins?
I've found the best way with dd to introduce something she isn't sure of or won't touch with her hands is to chop it into small rasin like bits and she enjoys picking up each one with her hands. I did this yesterday with watermelon and nectarine.

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