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Help - DS already getting upset about going back to school

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bandbsmum Tue 09-Aug-05 21:43:30

DS, who is 5 today, started crying tonight just after I'd put him to bed. When I went back upstairs and asked him what was wrong he said he didn't want to go back to school. I tried to explain that he's still got 4 weeks off. But he kept crying and saying he didn't want to be in his new class. He started in Reception in January and will be in year 1 in Sept., he seemed really happy last term. He's still going to be with all the same friends and he knows the teacher really well and she's nice, but he says he doesn't like the dinner lady he's going to have!
What should I do in the morning - should I mention it to him, or say nothing and see if he says anything. And if he's still upset what can I say to help him - it's making me all nervous about him going back.

bandbsmum Wed 10-Aug-05 08:09:11


Distel Wed 10-Aug-05 08:18:55

We have gone through exactly the same situation with ds except we have the added problem that it is birthday the day they go back to school and he is worried that he will not be allowed to take sweets for his friends as all the children did in reception. I would not mention it unless he does, it might bring it all up again when he may have put it out of his mind. I have found that we usually have these outbursts when he is tired and can't think rationally, as to what you can say to reasure him...... I don't know, we have tried anything we can think of and not really got very far. Can you meet up with his friends so he can remember how much fun they all had together and will have again when they are back at school. O hope I have helpped a little, and you are not the only one going through this.

bandbsmum Wed 10-Aug-05 09:22:20

Thanks Distel. At least I know we're not alone!
I haven't mentioned it this morning, but he has said when he goes back to school he wants to be school dinners not packed lunch because he doesn't want to have to wait till last. In Reception packed lunches and school dinners eat together, but then yr 1 and 2 school dinners eat next and finally yr 1 and 2 packed lunches! I've told him there's still 4 weeks holiday left and we'll talk about it nearer the time - hopefully he'll have changed his mind again by then! We did meet up with a group of his friends at our local Country Park last week, then tomorrow he's going to a party at one of his friends houses and it's his own party on Friday, plus we've got plans to go to the cinema with a friend next week. So he's seeing plenty of them. He has said to me though that he wants me to stay close by him at the party tomorrow, whereas before the end of term he was starting to say he wanted me to leave him at parties - maybe it's because it's a girls and they'll be more girls than boys there?!! Who knows what goes on in their minds!
Hope you're DS will be OK on his birthday.

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