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Ben 10 and Power Rangers - what age?

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LEMONADEGIRL Thu 27-May-10 18:25:58

Can anyone tell me what age they are appropriate for or what age your child is that started watching it please
My ds is nearly 4 and is really loving the toys in the shop and magazines but the programmes seem a bit too grown up for him, Although boys of the same age at his pre school watch it

Please excuse lack of grammar, full stop button has decided not to work {smile}

MrsGravy Thu 27-May-10 19:24:08

I think this is down to the individual parents really. DS watches Ben10 from time to time and he's 3. He's been really, really into Ben 10 since he was 2 - probably down to his older cousins! He's more interested in 'playing' Ben10 than watching it though. I won't let him watch Power Rangers though as there's too much hand to hand combat in it for my liking - I don't think he's old enough to understand properly the difference between playfighting at Power Rangers and really hurting somebody. There's not much proper fighting in Ben 10 - lots of using magical/alien powers etc so easier for him to play at without hurting somebody.

Seona1973 Thu 27-May-10 19:53:06

ds watched Ben10 from the age of 2 and isnt bothered by it any more (3.8years). He doesnt watch power rangers as I think it is a pile of rubbish (I quite liked Ben10!). He is now into Mickey mouse clubhouse, Peppa Pig and gets to watch Spongebob Squarepants due to his older sister.

LEMONADEGIRL Thu 27-May-10 20:14:32

Thanks for your response - on the odd occasion he has watched them he does then play Ben 10 or Power Rangers but he just becomes aggressive which bothers me

At his pre school a lot of the boys are very much into them both so am finding it quite difficult to know what to do

MrsGravy Thu 27-May-10 20:40:18

If you can definitely see that it makes him aggressive then I wouldn't let him watch them. I've never noticed it with DS and Ben10 but could quite imagine Power Rangers making him like that.

I actually don't think kids have to have watched programmes to be able to play them with their 5 yo DD plays Doctor Who with her friends but has never watched it.

swordinthestone Thu 27-May-10 20:48:47

DS is 4 and plays Ben10 with his friends all the time. He has never watched it, but he does have some alien figures. This seems to be enough for him. I think the majority of the 3yos and 4yos who watch Ben10 probably have older siblings etc.

I carefully didn't let DS watch Ben 10 until he started Reception. But now that he does watch it 2yo DD does too, so I am aware of the inconsistent parenting there. If I thought it was making him aggressive I'd not be keen on his watching it (he used to get very... not so much aggressive, but jumping around and poking things with swords... when he watched Peter Pan, so I filed that away out of sight. Not had a similar problem with Ben 10, though).

I don't let him watch Power Rangers although he has a couple of the toys that people gave him for his birthday.

As with Seona1973, I quite like Ben 10 and dislike Power Rangers, so that's probably partly why.

jaxcarp78 Fri 07-Oct-16 18:30:45

I would just like to say that when my D's (aged 4) watches power rangers he starts pushing and hitting kids in his class. When I stop him watching it he stops his inappropriate behaviour. Once I relent and let him watch again he starts hitting and pushing again. This has happened each time I have re introduced the program so now I will not be allowing him to watch it. Every child is different so do as you feel best for your child.

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