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Something frightening happened yesterday

(12 Posts)
crazydazy Sun 07-Aug-05 09:05:07

I was going to cross a road with my two kids DD (5) and DS (3). DS didn't want to hold my hand, when I insisted he did he just shot straight across a very busy road....I cannot explain the panic that went through me. I just ran straight after him not even looking myself. Luckily the car saw us and slowed down!!!

My little DD bless her waited on the side of the road, she didn't move!!! She has always been so good with roads. This is the second time its happened and the first time was near the school and I smacked his bum really hard because I was in so much shock!! Everyone was looking at me because I was screaming at him!!! I am just too scared to take him out anywhere now in case he does it again.

I couldn't put a wristband on him as he would refuse to walk anywhere!!! He is very wilful and likes to be with his sister!!!

Blossomhill Sun 07-Aug-05 09:20:22

Really sorry to hear this crazydazy

Although I may sound mean I would insist that unless ds could be sensible and not run into the road he would have to wear a wristband until you could be sure he wouldn't do it again.

Fio2 Sun 07-Aug-05 09:26:58

I hardly ever smack my children either but once did when a similar thing happened with my ds. i was so cross and i was shotuing like a fishwife whilst a group of people looked crossly at me froma balcony!

blossonhills idea about the wriststrap sounds a good one but I bet this will be a task in itself!

Hulababy Sun 07-Aug-05 09:27:11

Tell him he has to go back in a pushchair until he can walk nicely and not run off, especially near roads, again. Maybe the idea will be enough to calm him down.

Gobbledigook Sun 07-Aug-05 09:31:03

I'd insist on the wristband too until he can be trusted to keep hold of your hand.

What would you rather have - an upset child on a wristband or a squashed one in the road?

Sorry to be harsh but that's the top and bottom of it for me.

kid Sun 07-Aug-05 09:46:26

If it was my DS (sounds quite like him actually) then I would make him go in his buggy. I wouldn't care if he looked big in it, at least I would know he was safe. My DS is 3.4 and he wouldn't wear the wrist strap or reins.

CaptainCavemansMummy Sun 07-Aug-05 10:29:27

Crazydazy that's so scary. I think I too would have been screaming if it were me!
My ds is only 15 months but having read the thread I think it might be a good idea to start introducing the wristband to him v soon whilst he's still in his pushchair, so he can get used to it? Did anyone else try this - if so did it work?!

charliecat Sun 07-Aug-05 10:35:37

Maybe get reins and a wristband and give him the choice, saying he has to have one or the other. Hes bound to choose the wristband, and if he strops and refuses, have a few refusals to go out the door to the park/shop for a sweety and he will soon come round to the idea.

swiperfox Sun 07-Aug-05 10:44:56

Have to say I'm with Gobbledigook on this one. There's no compromise really, he has to have a rein. You've been very lucky twice.....

MarsLady Sun 07-Aug-05 11:15:49

Gotta go with gobbledi....

He goes into reins or has a wristband. As gbg says what would you rather a cross child or a dead one. Harsh but true!

ScrewballMuppet Sun 07-Aug-05 11:30:09

Yep. Reins or wristband! My ds has done it a few times and eah time he did get a smacked bottom there and then and a shouting at.
I have a thing that if they have put themselves in serious harms way such as running out onto a road or messing round with fire oven etc... they will get a smack and a shouting and some loving talking to!! without me feeling guilty.

Be as wilful as your ds, put on the reins or wristband and go somewhere he would want o go the park or something and if he refuses to move then you refuse to move and let him know that if he doesn't then you will take him back in and he will miss out. Do it everytime and he will get used to it. Right now they will be alien to him.

crazydazy Sun 07-Aug-05 16:41:30

Thanks everyone for the advice, I have been out and bought him a wristband, he quite likes it at the moment and now thinks he's a dog and keeps barking!!!!

I think because my little girl was always sensible near roads I just assumed he would be the same as they are very alike. I think boys have less common sense than girls tbh.

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