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addictedtolatte Wed 26-May-10 11:45:09

i have been using pampers for 22 months now and for the past 3 weeks i have noticed they dont last any longer than 1 hour. i have had to go back to changing nappies in the night. can anyone reccomend any other nappies which are good because am off to boots to get a refund on these useless nappies. i would appriciate any advice as am tired of mopping up wee from my laminate now angry smile

roomforthree Wed 26-May-10 11:50:50

Tesco nappies are much better ime (and cheaper!)

addictedtolatte Wed 26-May-10 11:57:37

thanks room i was looking at tesco one yesterday i'll try them then. stupid question but are the sizes the same as pampers hes on size 6 now so will that be the case with tescossmile

peachybums Thu 27-May-10 20:11:18

Pampers been on watchdog last week, aparently they have changed design so no padding at back. Cant comment of effectiveness as i use washables but ive heard the new ones are pants

addictedtolatte Thu 27-May-10 21:04:24

thanks peachybums just watched a clip of it on utube. they are so cheeky making out they have altered the nappies for the consumer more like to save money for themselves.

zippy79 Thu 27-May-10 21:10:59

Having tried premium brands such as pampers and huggies and not being impressed I swapped to Tesco nappies for DD and haven't looked back since. Cheaper and a much better fit, overall better quality in my opinion

FairyFay Thu 27-May-10 21:12:04

Another vote here for Tescos

DanJARMouse Thu 27-May-10 21:13:05

and another vote for Tesco!

addictedtolatte Thu 27-May-10 21:13:19

thanks zippy are the sizing the same. he is a 6 in pampers so would he 6 in tesco smile i am going to get some tomorrow and get a refund on all the pampers i have!

wukter Thu 27-May-10 21:17:37

This is interesting as I got Pampers for the first time in ages, they leaked, and actually came unstuck (the state of that grobag-boak), and she got nappy rash which she never had before.
So I've gone back to the Aldi brand "Mamia", I find them great. And cheap needless to say.

Ariela Fri 28-May-10 13:38:42

If you have the DryMax sort, they no longer have woodpulp in the back, hence the leaks. Link off this page tells you more

pud1 Fri 28-May-10 13:43:10

interesting. this will explain why my dd's pampers are leaking also. pissed off now as i have just bought over a 100 in tescos buy 2 get 2 free deal

missseptember Fri 28-May-10 13:45:11

I've hated pampers from day one, dd is 20months. Not too bad during the day but horrendous at night. I agree about tesco and also Lidl's own, Toujours. I find these excellent and half the price of pampers/huggies.

hmmSleep Fri 28-May-10 13:47:42

Tesco nappies gave my ds a rash (although that was a long time ago), and I quite like the new pampers (active fit) ones, no leaks so far, looks like I'm most definitely in the minority though!

bettaday Fri 28-May-10 14:13:54

i noticed there was less padding at the back and just thought i'd got a dodgy pack. i'm really angrey at pampers - thought it was a good brand that i could trust. no more.

YummyMummy19 Tue 01-Jun-10 22:35:38

I saw the item on Pampers on Watchdog last week. I was so disappointed when I realised they had changed the design. It is inferior and despite their claims as to the reason behind the change it's clearly so they can save money while charging the same amount for something not as good. I have switched to Tesco nappies. They are cheaper, fit better, are softer inside and out and more absorbent. Highly recommended.

DorotheaPlenticlew Tue 01-Jun-10 22:39:58

Have stopped buying them for dd but have two jumbo boxes to get through in ds's size. Quite hacked off. Will def never buy again unless they switch back to old style with much contrition.

Suziewoos Thu 03-Jun-10 06:17:31

I cant understand why these nappies are still on the shelves to be honest, there are thousands of complaints about leaks also claims of skin reactions to the new DryMax technology that possibly maybe too harsh for some babies.

Please can I ask you if you have not done so already to complain to Pampers -freephone 0800 328 3281, the more people who complain hopefully they will actualy do something about it and also report it to Trading Standards if you feel the product is faulty/not fit for purpose sold or unsafe etc -

Suziewoos Thu 03-Jun-10 06:19:06

Oo sorry I meant to say that I have found that Sainsburys little ones and dry are good.

Shaz10 Thu 03-Jun-10 06:54:16

We switched to Huggies assuming it was the fit. Then I found out about the change!

Scout19075 Thu 03-Jun-10 07:46:04

Is it just the Baby-Dry type or the Active Fit ones as well?

Suziewoos Thu 03-Jun-10 12:24:21

It is Pampers New Baby and Active Fit that have the new DryMax technology in them as far as I know.

DorotheaPlenticlew Thu 03-Jun-10 19:54:02

Oh good, ok, so the Baby-Dry ones are the same? Those are the ones DS uses.

lizziemun Thu 03-Jun-10 21:40:07

I think there the same, but the last few boxes I have bought I have found the tapes have been tearing off when you pull them to do them up. I thrown so many broken ones away.

MumInBeds Thu 03-Jun-10 21:44:54

I don't have a little one in nappies but if I did and these nappies were as bad as they sound then I'd be bringing them back to the shop I got them as they're not fit for purpose.

leavingonajetplane Thu 03-Jun-10 21:53:51

I returned 2 big boxes of them to Tescos.

I did ring their pampers helpline and they said the new design is definately permanent hmm

They do send out vouchers when you complain (£12) but I used them on pampers simply dry and they have been changed to flimsy/essentially no absorbency at the back too hmm

shouldve used it for wipes..

Jcee Mon 07-Jun-10 12:42:19

I called pampers to complain about the new baby ones and I asked which nappies haven't been revamped - they confirmed baby dry have yet to get the "dry max technology" but it sounds like they may have other problems...

Pampers did send me some refund vouchers and Boots took the 2 unopened packs I had back.

comewhinewithme Mon 07-Jun-10 12:45:59

We usually get Asda own brand but had to buy an emergency pack of Pampers last week hmm.
Oh dear they were useless they were really thin at the back and you could feel it as soon as dd had done a wee.

Rubbish rubbish rubbish.

Snuppeline Mon 07-Jun-10 12:56:10

This explains why my dd has been waiking up so much in the night lately... I am fuming now! I have been using pampers since dd was born as I wanted something I could get abroad as we have family across a good few nations and have been happy with them until quite recently. I shall get my money back too!

stressheaderic Thu 17-Jun-10 22:14:18

Been buying Active Fit for a while, was happy with them.
Bought a pack of the new style ones this week - today, massive poo leak all over pram. Was most unamused.

leavingonajetplane Fri 18-Jun-10 00:28:30

Ive tried all 3 kinds of pampers now - orange, green and purple packs and each packet had the very thin nappies, obviously less than useless at the back.

I dont care how many taps they have run the nappy under, did they ever consider that the child actually wears the nappy and sits or lies in it? And that that makes a difference?


So it seems they have changed babydry etc but just dont want to confess to it. Utterly utterly useless.

lal123 Fri 18-Jun-10 13:40:19

Just to add to the "I think pampers are crap now" brigade. EVERY time DD does a poo in these new style nappies it has ended up up her back and needing a change of clothes. Have just switched to Tescos - which are half the price and seem to be OK

Ariela Fri 18-Jun-10 14:44:54

Lizziemun, why throw them out? Treat yourself to a little sellotape dispenser to keep by the changing mat, so you can pull off the required piece of sellotape one-handed to stick the tab down.

Or save them up and post them back to the company with a letter of complaint, they're bound to give you a good-will voucher.

By chucking them away you're wasting them, adding to landfill unneccessarily, but above all lining the manufacturers pockets with additional profit!

Suziewoos Mon 21-Jun-10 19:24:26

They really are not fit for the purpose sold anymore. If you do not want vouchers from Pampers to buy more Pampers products you can ask for £ refund and they will refund you instead. If you want to report the product to Trading Standards and find your local office have shut due to council cut backs (!) you can telephone the people at the following link and they will pass your complaint onto the central office for you -

UK Facebook support page is here -

Nappies are not a fashion item they have a job to do - they do not need to be thinner like a mobile phone angry

leavingonajetplane Sat 26-Jun-10 21:05:03

Pretty much Suzie, I think its false advertising to call them nappies.

Im sure their case will be studied as a marketing disaster in the future.

Suziewoos Mon 28-Jun-10 18:00:27

I hope like the "new" Coke was a disaster!!

Anyway I and some mums have a meeting with Proctor and Gamble on Friday to try and get some answers. There are more and more parents not only complaining of leaks but of little ones having chemical like burn rashes (not the usual bad rashes either.

StealthPolarBear Mon 28-Jun-10 18:06:38

"aparently they have changed design so no padding at back"

DD has had 2 "almost leaked outv of the back" poos today in the new pampers active fit - got them a week or so ago.
She has never in all her 9 months had a leaky nappy i don't think.
i worried she had diarrhoea (no other signs, it wasn't that loose) now i think it was just the nappy!

another vote for tesco - i only use pampers as i get millions of money off vouchers

leavingonajetplane Mon 28-Jun-10 19:41:01

Thats great Suzie - im sure youve got a lot to say to them.

Please dont let them do that "we ran the back of the nappy under a tap and it doesnt leak" crap. (As used on their complaint -line) A baby lying on its back on a wet nappy is rather different to a tap-wet, empty nappy hmm.

And the other justification they have been using is pulling in an expert who claims nappies dont cause nappy rash - its just the urine [hmmm] [hmmm]. I agree these rashes are more like a chemical burn than a nappy rash.

The other pitch thay have their helpline staff use is that "well we only hear from people who complain so there are probably many satisfied customers who havent got in touch" (running out of hmm faces for that one. How many complaints are needed before they take them on board then??

And please tell them from me they are twats. I cant find any nappy that fits DS properly since papmers active effectively stopped making nappies.

TimeForANewWan Tue 29-Jun-10 11:11:36

My experience with the dry-max 'technology' while travelling in the States last months convinced me to go the reusable route. I am just finishing off 'test-driving' some reausable nappies and have placed an order arriving on Thursday. Am very excited. (And feel very virtuous grin)

kisamama Tue 29-Jun-10 12:12:52

leavingonajetplane, you have probably already tried them but I have found the new huggies naturalfit heaps better than when I last tried huggies. I have spent a fortune on pampers with 3dcs in last 4 years as I found they worked best for us but had the same problems as everyone else with poor redbottomed ds2 (8 months now so alot more nappy time ahead). ( I know lots of people on here recommend tescos but I need something ocado will deliver... I also totally admire timeforanewwan for switching to reusable but sadly I am not so virtuous...!) Hoping I have not jinxed the huggies and ds2 does not wake from nap with giant poo disaster.

Suziewoos Tue 29-Jun-10 20:11:13

Leavingonajetplane - I love your nickname and I am sure you have heard it before - but I wish I WAS leaving on a jet plane (sadly have a meeting to go to tho!)

*Bangs head on wall - why dont P&G recognise the complaints?

I am going in - cover me!

leavingonajetplane Tue 29-Jun-10 23:45:08

Thanks Kisamama, Huggies always leak through the legs on skinny-legged DS. I did try them again recently but no better for us. I also saw the recommedations for tescos but here (Ireland) pampers, tescos and boots own brand have all changed to the new hopeless design. Believe they are all made by the same people?

Suzie, best of luck!

PurpleCrazyHorse Thu 01-Jul-10 22:24:17

DD leaked (wee luckily) all over her cot last night and she was soaked from head to knees as it has made the sheet so wet. I've just e-mailed Pampers to complain (we have a pack of Active Fit).

We've been using disposables at night in the hope she'll sleep through if she doesn't feel wet. Was not impressed with a 5am wake-up call, complete clothing change and a new sheet on the cot.

Back to reusables at night, I think grin

Suziewoos Mon 05-Jul-10 14:19:25

So..... I am still fuming and so are the other mums that met with P&G last week:-

#173 (permalink) Report Post
Sue A(104) Sue A(104) is online now

Location: Croydon
Today, 13:10
There IS something WRONG. Some babies are having extreame skin reactions.

Some mums and I had a meeting in Woking (not a factory visit in Germany as some bloggers are reporting) last Friday and the whole meeting was a P&G PR disaster. Our concerns raised on behalf of hundreds of worried and angry parents were totally dismissed. After much debate the basic outcomes were as follows:-

P&G refuse to even for a tiny moment consider that the new technolgy that is in Active Fit and New Baby (and will be rolled out into everything else so beware!) might be causing some babies to have a reaction - POOR SHOW indeed.

There are some complaints about Baby Dry brand - These too were dismissed.

We asked P&G if they would add a small disclaimer on the packaging along the lines of if your baby has sensativity to this product discontinue use. P&G stated there was not enough room on the packaging to do this. - EVEN MORE POOR SHOW.

P&G also said that any leaks consumers were experiancing was because the baby is in the wrong size nappy.. so its the "consumers" fault. - BEYOND POOR SHOW!

So the message is clear parents - P&G are not doing anything about the complaints but they do want to hear from you if you have a problem!

Facebook support page:!/group.php?gid=112466695451972

Petition to remove Drymax from Sale:

We are not giving up!

whoopstheregoesmymerkin Mon 05-Jul-10 14:24:04

Switch to Lidls - they are brill!

Pampers always brought mine out in angry welts

Issy42 Wed 07-Jul-10 19:04:17

Thanks for starting this thread. DD has been having leaks at night for first time and now I know why. Will go to Tescos for next ones.

AmesBS7 Thu 08-Jul-10 11:11:15

We're using washables during the day and Pampers at night as they're thinner at the back and I thought that they'd be more comfy to lie on. No issues with leaks or rashes. I am, however, now a bit worried about the chemical content aspect of disposables - hadn't really thought about this before.

Washables are definitely substantially better at containing poos. We have never had an 'up the back splat' with a washable, whereas they do happen with (Pampers) disposables.

JemAndEllie Fri 09-Jul-10 18:49:06

we bought four large packs of these poor examples of nappies and are currently trying to wade through them as quickly as poss as dont have a receipt to return them, my DD has been having leak after leak and the nappy only lasts about 45 mins which is disastrous. now im stuck as to what to change her on to next. everyone says tesco are good but im not near a tesco. has anyone used Boots own? i am not impressed at all i have sent 3 complaints to pampers and one to p&g themselves and heard nothing no vouchers no apology... nothing. very unhappy.

ruddynorah Fri 09-Jul-10 18:58:43

i am surprised so many folk buy pampers. tesco are loads better, as are lidl. and for less than half the price.

Suziewoos Sun 11-Jul-10 08:53:16

JemAndEllie try contacting Pampers via 0191 2975000 or 0800 328 3281 or email You do not have to accept vouchers you can ask for your money back by cheque or bank transfer. They have problem handing out money.

They say they have not received enough complaints to do anything about the leaks or rashes hmm

Facebook support group:!/group.php?gid=112466695451972

Suziewoos Sun 11-Jul-10 10:26:27

Sorry me and my butter fingers! That should have read they (Pampers) have NO problem handing out money.

bamboobutton Fri 16-Jul-10 10:57:55

i can't believe i missed this thread. been using pampers on 5wo dd along with reusables and she has the most horrendous nappy rash. i thought it was the reusables so increased the amount of pampers i was using from just night time to most of the day as well.

well! no wonder her rash isn't getting better if its the pampers causing chemical type burns!!shock

i shall never buy pampers again. poor dds bum, back to reusables and own brand nappies i think!smile

Suziewoos Sat 17-Jul-10 07:50:48

Complain to Pampers bamboobutton!

pebblejones Sat 17-Jul-10 08:12:03

Well I never, I have a 14 week old and have been using Pampers, firstly New Baby and now Active Fit. We frequently end up with poo leaks from the sides and up the back. My son is not discreet, so the moment I hear it I'm rushing to change him to try and stop this covering his clothes/cot/car seat. I assumed this was totally normal (I am a naive first time Mum obviously) but after reading this I see that it is the nappy design; I will give the Tescos ones a go I think.

NKffffffffbb792487X12890f6039b Mon 16-Aug-10 08:07:22

I used pampers for 6 months but in the last month the baby dry nappies have been rubbish. we have had so many leaks during the night, I'm fed up of changing sheets, babygros and sleeping bags in the middle of the night. I switched to the Tesco nappies but the same thing happened again last night. I don't know what to do, any ideas? Thanks

Mummy2Bookie Sat 21-Aug-10 11:08:09

Dd used pampers until she grew out of the newborn size. Then they changed the design of the nappies and they leaked all over her. We were up at least twice each night changing soaking wet sheets and baby gros.
The new pampers design is rubbish. Apparently the company says that babies do not wet the back of their nappies. UTTER RUBBISH. Dd always wets the back of her nappies.
We switched to huggies dry and natural fits, which both are excellent and do not leak. We are now trying reusables to cut back on the environmental impact of discarding disposables and also to save money.
I am surprised that pampers have not switched back to the previous design. They must be losing a fortune. So many families are unhappy with their products.

jelliebellie16 Sun 22-Aug-10 16:20:50

we had all these problems with pampers active fit so we changed to boots own active stretch but they didnt blow me away.

so we tried sainsburys active ones ( also in a purple pack) and they seem great. thick and reliable, the sticky tabs are great too, alot more adhesive than others ive used.and of course theyre cheaper than pampers.

I saw the pampers on offer in morrisons the other day. two of the large packs (60 odd) for £10. obviously not selling as well as they'd like!!

KiwiKat Sun 22-Aug-10 16:36:50

Another vote for Lidl's Toujours brand - they were great, and CHEAP! Used them for ds without complaint, and will be using them for dd when she arrives.

charlady Mon 23-Aug-10 12:37:18

The new pampers don't work well for us either and we've also had a spate of the tabs coming off the babydry ones. The tabs on Tesco's own brand weren't very sticky and DS had a very sore bum with them. With hindsight this may have also had something to do with teething, but not fully convinced. Our best experience recently has been with Sainsbury's own brand and I'd recommend them totally.

Why oh why can't people just leave a good thing alone???

IMoveTheStars Mon 23-Aug-10 12:46:50

Yep, another vote for Toujours, they fit really well and haven't had a leak since switching to them overnight (which we had with Tesco and Pampers) and not more nappy rash (which DS got really badly with huggies and pampers active fit)

GwennanY Sun 16-Dec-12 23:32:20

Have used Pampers on my toddler for 1 1/2 years with no problem and now suddenly the Baby Dry with 'sleep layer' is causing an awful rash - so bad that there was blood in the nappy - there were open sores within a couple of hours of wearing them. No more pampers!!

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Mon 17-Dec-12 00:06:23

Just don't change to Huggies!

They aren't going to be selling nappies in the UK very soon, think it's in the next couple of months.

piprabbit Mon 17-Dec-12 00:14:14

Zombie thread...

SchroSawMummyRidingSantaClaus Mon 17-Dec-12 00:27:11

Crap! I didn't even notice.

Oldladypillow Mon 17-Dec-12 00:41:20

I don't usually have pampers but was given some for dd2 who is only a few weeks old. I did notice they feel leak after a v short time I was surprised. I usually buy nature baby Eco nappies - much more reliable and cheaper.
I triedAldi nappies. V cheap and non leaky but they smell awful when you take them off like the baby bum has been sealed in which is a bit rank

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