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addictedtolatte Wed 26-May-10 11:45:09

i have been using pampers for 22 months now and for the past 3 weeks i have noticed they dont last any longer than 1 hour. i have had to go back to changing nappies in the night. can anyone reccomend any other nappies which are good because am off to boots to get a refund on these useless nappies. i would appriciate any advice as am tired of mopping up wee from my laminate now angry smile

roomforthree Wed 26-May-10 11:50:50

Tesco nappies are much better ime (and cheaper!)

addictedtolatte Wed 26-May-10 11:57:37

thanks room i was looking at tesco one yesterday i'll try them then. stupid question but are the sizes the same as pampers hes on size 6 now so will that be the case with tescossmile

peachybums Thu 27-May-10 20:11:18

Pampers been on watchdog last week, aparently they have changed design so no padding at back. Cant comment of effectiveness as i use washables but ive heard the new ones are pants

addictedtolatte Thu 27-May-10 21:04:24

thanks peachybums just watched a clip of it on utube. they are so cheeky making out they have altered the nappies for the consumer more like to save money for themselves.

zippy79 Thu 27-May-10 21:10:59

Having tried premium brands such as pampers and huggies and not being impressed I swapped to Tesco nappies for DD and haven't looked back since. Cheaper and a much better fit, overall better quality in my opinion

FairyFay Thu 27-May-10 21:12:04

Another vote here for Tescos

DanJARMouse Thu 27-May-10 21:13:05

and another vote for Tesco!

addictedtolatte Thu 27-May-10 21:13:19

thanks zippy are the sizing the same. he is a 6 in pampers so would he 6 in tesco smile i am going to get some tomorrow and get a refund on all the pampers i have!

wukter Thu 27-May-10 21:17:37

This is interesting as I got Pampers for the first time in ages, they leaked, and actually came unstuck (the state of that grobag-boak), and she got nappy rash which she never had before.
So I've gone back to the Aldi brand "Mamia", I find them great. And cheap needless to say.

Ariela Fri 28-May-10 13:38:42

If you have the DryMax sort, they no longer have woodpulp in the back, hence the leaks. Link off this page tells you more

pud1 Fri 28-May-10 13:43:10

interesting. this will explain why my dd's pampers are leaking also. pissed off now as i have just bought over a 100 in tescos buy 2 get 2 free deal

missseptember Fri 28-May-10 13:45:11

I've hated pampers from day one, dd is 20months. Not too bad during the day but horrendous at night. I agree about tesco and also Lidl's own, Toujours. I find these excellent and half the price of pampers/huggies.

hmmSleep Fri 28-May-10 13:47:42

Tesco nappies gave my ds a rash (although that was a long time ago), and I quite like the new pampers (active fit) ones, no leaks so far, looks like I'm most definitely in the minority though!

bettaday Fri 28-May-10 14:13:54

i noticed there was less padding at the back and just thought i'd got a dodgy pack. i'm really angrey at pampers - thought it was a good brand that i could trust. no more.

YummyMummy19 Tue 01-Jun-10 22:35:38

I saw the item on Pampers on Watchdog last week. I was so disappointed when I realised they had changed the design. It is inferior and despite their claims as to the reason behind the change it's clearly so they can save money while charging the same amount for something not as good. I have switched to Tesco nappies. They are cheaper, fit better, are softer inside and out and more absorbent. Highly recommended.

DorotheaPlenticlew Tue 01-Jun-10 22:39:58

Have stopped buying them for dd but have two jumbo boxes to get through in ds's size. Quite hacked off. Will def never buy again unless they switch back to old style with much contrition.

Suziewoos Thu 03-Jun-10 06:17:31

I cant understand why these nappies are still on the shelves to be honest, there are thousands of complaints about leaks also claims of skin reactions to the new DryMax technology that possibly maybe too harsh for some babies.

Please can I ask you if you have not done so already to complain to Pampers -freephone 0800 328 3281, the more people who complain hopefully they will actualy do something about it and also report it to Trading Standards if you feel the product is faulty/not fit for purpose sold or unsafe etc -

Suziewoos Thu 03-Jun-10 06:19:06

Oo sorry I meant to say that I have found that Sainsburys little ones and dry are good.

Shaz10 Thu 03-Jun-10 06:54:16

We switched to Huggies assuming it was the fit. Then I found out about the change!

Scout19075 Thu 03-Jun-10 07:46:04

Is it just the Baby-Dry type or the Active Fit ones as well?

Suziewoos Thu 03-Jun-10 12:24:21

It is Pampers New Baby and Active Fit that have the new DryMax technology in them as far as I know.

DorotheaPlenticlew Thu 03-Jun-10 19:54:02

Oh good, ok, so the Baby-Dry ones are the same? Those are the ones DS uses.

lizziemun Thu 03-Jun-10 21:40:07

I think there the same, but the last few boxes I have bought I have found the tapes have been tearing off when you pull them to do them up. I thrown so many broken ones away.

MumInBeds Thu 03-Jun-10 21:44:54

I don't have a little one in nappies but if I did and these nappies were as bad as they sound then I'd be bringing them back to the shop I got them as they're not fit for purpose.

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