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Laundry SOS. Do you scrub dirty cuffs?

(11 Posts)
spidermama Sat 06-Aug-05 09:36:34

All ds's and dd's white school shirts get extra grubby around the cuffs. It doesn't come off in the washing machine. Is there a modern day miracle I'm missing, or am I really going to have to scrub all their cuffs?

NomDePlume Sat 06-Aug-05 10:16:15

I use those whitening sachets in with every hot white wash I do, they work wonders. I think they're called 'Superwhitening sachets' come in a box of 5 and cost a couple of quid.

If you wash the shirts with coloureds then I'd whack a scoop of Vanish in wash oxi action in the drawer with the washing detergent. You can also buy the Vanish stuff in a spray thingy (bright pink bottle) which is a pre-wash treatment, my neighbour swears by it to get pasta sauce etc out so it should cope admirably with a few sweaty cuffs !

NomDePlume Sat 06-Aug-05 10:17:30

I am SO dull.....

kid Sat 06-Aug-05 10:18:21

I use the vanish spray on cuffs.
On other stains, I use washing up liquid and a nail brush to give it a scrub before putting it in the washing machine.

colditz Sat 06-Aug-05 10:18:46

OR you could get a bar of soap, and rub it all over the grubbiness. My mum used to do this with our uniforms and I think it worked....

spidermama Sat 06-Aug-05 10:47:49

I think I've let them get too bad. I'll need to scrub this time round, then employ your Vanish and whitening methods.

Colditz I remember the big bar of green soap our mums used to scrub washing with.


Demented Sat 06-Aug-05 10:49:22

Buy short sleeved shirts?

Lonelymum Sat 06-Aug-05 10:52:17

I recently was astonished at how effective Napisan was at removing food stains from a white t-shirt of ds1's. Ordinary washing at 60 degrees and Vanish had just failed to remove them but one desertspoonful of Napisan in addition to the detergent removed them completely. Might be worth a try.

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 11:13:26

I use supermarket whit label washing powder and never seem to have any stains!!!

serenity Sat 06-Aug-05 11:29:20

We don't have the problem with cuffs as we do what Demented suggested, and only buy short sleeve shirts The necks still get grubby though, so I always put a dose of Ace in with the white wash and if it's really bad I rub the soilid Vanish stick onto the grub first.

ks Sat 06-Aug-05 12:33:42

Message withdrawn

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