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DS decided not to sleep last night.... (Long Sorry)

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luckylady Fri 05-Aug-05 06:38:34

DS normally a really good sleeperuntil recentley. He has started to wake up at night and his hard to settle. (even difficult to get him to sleep to start with) you have to sit with him until he is sound asleep.. which is fine as it seems to be night time seperation anxiety. If he does wake in the nght he normally goes back after a bottle...
However last night he went to bed at7pm, it took DH 1/2hour of sitting with him for him to go to sleep, then he woke up at about 11.45pm, he was happy enough apart from when placed in his cot. I had to bring him downstairs I laid him on his bean bag whilst he had his bottle and he nearly went of drinking it and me strokling his hair. He downed the 9oz then decided he was "up". He didn't go back to sleep until 4.30am then woke again at 6.15am....

He is nearly 14months old... anyone else had this... I thought it could have been the heat and humidity hence why I bought him downstairs and put the aircon on. He is at t emoment sat in his high chair watching Noddy having some toast but doesn't seem tired at all.

I am going to take him for a walk in a mo but if he falls asleep do I let him have a really big one or wake him after his normal time in the hope that he will sleep tonight!!
ANy advice welcome

Thank you one very tired luckylady!!

throckenholt Fri 05-Aug-05 06:47:09

Hopefully it is just a blip - maybe he is sickening for something or teething and that is keeping him awake once he has woken.

Have you got a night light ? It was about that age that we started using one with ours.

The best thing seems to be cuddle to calm down, then put back to bed, and sit on the floor beside them, very quiet and in the dark, and everytime they make a noise just say quietly "time for sleep". Eventually they fall asleep - and gradually they relearn the habit and stop waking. May be a rough few days though.

You have make sure he gets no real reward for waking up - so no going down stairs, and maybe even no bottle - maybe just a sip of water if he is really thirsty. In the same vein not much talking and low lights.

Maybe let him sleep for a bit longer this morning but wake him up if he goes more than an hour over his normal.

luckylady Fri 05-Aug-05 06:54:13

Thanks Throckenholt, I know I shouldn't have bought him downstairs but I am feeling bluggghhh at the moment I have caught virus that is doing the rounds so tit was easier to bring him down than to listen to the screaming (bad mnummy!!putting myself first there
I did give him some nurofen last night when he woke also as he was rubbing his ears.
Will erservere tonight if he does the same again..
Thanks again for the advice

mumtosomeone Fri 05-Aug-05 07:28:58

you should a called. my ds woke 4 times!!! whats going on?

ABow Fri 05-Aug-05 08:09:46

Could it be the New Moon. LOL. My dd woke 4 times too

marne Fri 05-Aug-05 08:20:33

My dd woke 3 times, shes 18 months.

luckylady Fri 05-Aug-05 09:03:17

So lots of tired mummies today then!!.

I was hoping that ds would sleep this morning seem as he only had 5hrs sleep last night...

But no he is full of the joys of spring... (nearly 11 oclock here) no signs of wearing out yet.... as I type he is pulling out all my dvds and all of his toys...

Think will take him to the pool this afternoon hopefully that will tire him out.. or he will sleep n the car!!

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 07:04:13

another bad night!!!

luckylady Sat 06-Aug-05 07:23:40

mumtosomeone- luckily we didn't last night i think he was too tired he went to bed at 7pm and woke up at 6.15am.
It was my fauklt lack of sleep last night I was on here till 1.15am.
Has yours always not slept or has he/she suddenly just started not to. How old?

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 07:26:37

he is 10 months.
Was late at sleeping through, well compaired to others!
Finally did it then we had that really hot weather and he kept waking up. he never really settled after that. But lately he is really bad can be 3 times!!!

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