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Help Help Help! (Long sorry)

(10 Posts)
Saacsmum Thu 04-Aug-05 23:51:03

Where to start? Breif history is ds was born with a hole in his bowel, has had surgery, has had digestive probs and allergies and intolerances, has been very unsettled little man, has had reflux and continues to have difficulty with sleeping and eating and constipation. At the moment we are day 5 into a "non specific virus". This has put ds off the very little amounts of food he was eating. Ds has not gained weight for 2months now.
Sleeping: Although he has never slept through ds is able to settle himself at times and we have has breif periods where he has only woken once in the nite. Since the virus has hit, ds sleeps for between 10 and 30 minutes and wakes very upset, it can take between 5mins -2 hours to settle him and then he will sleep between 190 and 30 minutes again, Im so exhausted I feel physically ill.
Eating: As said he is off food which has never been a strong point, he is also off water and bfeeding meaning he is getting slightly dehydrated making his constipation worse. Getting very worried about weight now and have tried everything, I offer regular meals, a mix of purees, mashes and finger foods, I let him feel food and play with it and lick it off his fingers, I have had picnics outside and on the lino with him, I eat with him, I try to sneak things like veges in via foods that he will sometimes have eg, he will generally eat crackers so I make vege spreads, hummus, pate, etc to pile on top. Doesnt generally work. He is bfeeding but has decreased this at the moment as well so I dont think he is filling himself up that way.
Constipation: He is on lactulose and coloxal sp? and when I can get them in him raisins, prunes, apricots, fibrous fruits and veges, he doesnt have banana and I try to get as much fluid into him as possible. The current situation is 9days without a bm and if no action by the w/e we need to take him in for an enema.
Virus: He just isnt kicking this virus, he is still getting temps on day 6, which are quite aggressive, he is on pamol 4 times a day and was on nurefen 2 times but as it is supposed to be taken wiht food was advised to stop as he is not eating. Temp goes between normal and 40. He has a nasty cough which is flaring up his asthma so is on 6 puffs of ventilin as needed. He is all blocked up which I suspect is why he doesnt want to bfeed much. In general he is miserable. We have been to doctors twice and hospital for observation once and go back to hospital on the weekend for enema if needed and admission if still no improvement. Help give me ideas how to help my baby, exhausted and worried!

Saacsmum Thu 04-Aug-05 23:51:24

BTW he is 10months old

oops Fri 05-Aug-05 00:00:46

Message withdrawn

Chandra Fri 05-Aug-05 01:03:15

We have an ocassion like this when the GP insisted to wait until the weekend to let the baby improve on his own before sending him to hospital. TBH DS had a very bad week getting from bad to worse until one day before the hospital when out of the suddedn he started to eat normally. However, if you are still worried (and you are the better judge of his condition as you are with him atm) please ring NHS direct, if you explain all this I'm sure they will send you at least to A&E to check if it's better for him to get into hospital tonight.

Saacsmum Fri 05-Aug-05 08:39:14

Thanks for those replies, anyone else got some wisdom to share...please. By the way we are off to a good start so far tonite asleep for 20 minutes and counting....

Also Chandra it was hospital rather than gp that wanted to wait until weekend to admit him if needed, we spent about half a day under observation in CAA and they decided that we could monitor him at home and to come back in on Saturday for reassessment if still not eating, drinking or poohing.

Flossam Fri 05-Aug-05 08:57:22

Is he having many wet nappies?

Saacsmum Fri 05-Aug-05 09:03:39

Yes not sure how many a day he should have but has been waking up soaked and has at least three really wet naps during the ay, I didnt think that he was particularly dehydrated but gp said he should be slightly moist under armpits and did a skin pinch thing which he thought indicated slight dehydration. He isnt "acting dehydrated" iykwim.

soapbox Fri 05-Aug-05 10:35:39

'm not sure about the virus but for the constipation I would suggest a few small squares of teh darkest chocolate you can get him to eat!

A very old lady who was a nanny most of her working life always used this remedy for constipation and it works like a treat! On adults and children!!!

Give it a go - its got to be worth a try at least! I reckon you'll get away with 4 or 5 squares eaten over about an hour or so, at your DS's age.

Chandra Fri 05-Aug-05 12:27:18

Saacsmum, as long as he is producing wet nappies I reckon he will be OK.

Saacsmum Fri 05-Aug-05 20:30:00

Well the nite was slightly better than it has been up around every hour give or take. We are off to hospital today as fever continued to come and go last nite and still no bm. Will ask paed about chocolate, will have to be dairy free choc so not sure if this will be effective for him or not?

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