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Bad teeth = bad mother?????

(19 Posts)
lulabelle Thu 28-Jul-05 09:58:44

ds is due to go to the dentist this afternoon and his 2 bottom very back teeth have gone bad - what will they do? fillings or extraction? Someone told me that milk teeth have no nerves so shouldn't hurt whichever they do, but how do we make the experience less scary? I feel awful that his teeth are like this, he is not big on sweets - never has been - and I'm strict on brushing and sugar free drinks, the only thing I can think of is he loves his dummies, would they have caused such problems?

flamesparrow Thu 28-Jul-05 10:01:28

Everyone has different teeth.

My friend has 5 children... 2 have terrible teeth, the rest fine. They all are treated the same, so I think some people just have more luck than others.

My teeth are a mess - my own fault cos I know I don't take care of them well enough... DH's are perfect though, and he takes less care of them than me!!!

Please try not to blame yourself...

I don't know how to make the experience less scary All I can suggest is giving him some rescue remedy.


lulabelle Thu 28-Jul-05 10:11:00

Thanks flamesparrow, I feel so guilty about it, its not like he is one of those kids who won't brush and I make sure I'm with him when he brushes twice a day, he loves his electric toothbrush so that helps!

Scatterbrain Thu 28-Jul-05 10:16:17

Hi Lulabelle, Don't be too hard on yourself - your ds's teeth may have formed with holes in - my dd has two like this which our dentist thinks didn't develope in the gum properly as she had a protracted spell of antibiotics when she was quite young.

How old is your ds ? My dd was about 3 when the holes developed and she had treatment.

One of my dd's is a molar and she has had two "temporary fillings" in that one and it is fine. There was no drilling or anything - he just scraped it a tiny bit and then literally pressed some stuff into it - bit like putting a bit of putty in ! Last time we went for a check-up he noticed that the last filling had fallen out - although she hadn't mentioned any pain - so he just did it again. When he first saw it he said it may need extracting - but only as a last resort ! The other is an incisor and that he hasn't treated at all - as it doesn't give her any pain.

I got lots of advice on here about using Zorbitol to prevent further decay - we did switch to the Boots crocodile toothpaste which has zorbitol in and I believe that has helped prevent further decay.

If it does come to a real filling -or extraction - which I get the impression they try to avoid if at all possible - I think they usually do it under anaesthetic in a hospital for very young children.

Hope that info helps - I know it is so worrying - but my dd is almost 5 now and we had all but forgotten about it.

Sugarmag Thu 28-Jul-05 10:17:24

dd's back molars are not good despite the fact that we have always been vigilant about brushing them. the dentist told me that the enamel on those teeth never formed properly - she may have had an illness while those teeth were developing - adn that it has nothing to do with how well we look after her teeth. She put a temporarly filling on one (which unlike a real filling was pretty quick and painless) and aside we now go back to the dentist every six weeks for a flouride gel to be put on those teeth. That only takes a couple of minutes and dd (4) is very good about. However, there is still the chance that these teeth may require proper fillings before her adult teeth come through.

I don't think dummies could cause problems with back teeth. the only other thing I know that is really bad for their teeth (aside from the obvious) is letting them drink from a bottle over a long period of time. I don't mean after a certain age, I mean letting them walk around sucking on a bottle for an hour or two or even taking it to bed with them because even milk has a type of sugar in it.

compo Thu 28-Jul-05 10:18:48

It sounds like you've done everything possible to keep your ds' teeth healthily. A dummy won't affect them unless it's coating in sugar. Don't beat yourself up about it. Perhaps you can discuss your concerns with the dentist and he can make sure your oral hygiene is up to date just as a precaution

Scatterbrain Thu 28-Jul-05 10:18:58

Forgot to say - before we went to the dentist I prepared dd by showing her what he would do - ie. sit back and open really wide and keep still. We used some teaspoons as pretend instruments and even played dentists with some bears and dolls. So when we got there she knew what to expect.

Also - I always have my check-up first and she watches - then wants to be grown up like mummy !

beep Thu 28-Jul-05 10:21:34

ds1 had awful baby teeth every one of them had decay and they looked awful.He is now twenty and has perfect teeth and has not got any fillings at all.dd1's milk teeth are also not very good i am hoping her new teeth will be better.

Sugarmag Thu 28-Jul-05 10:21:49

oh yeah, forgot to say - I frequently take dd to the dentist with me for my checkups so she's used to going there. Have started taking DS(2) as well just so it's not a strange place. He climbs up in the chair for a minute then goes off to play with the toys.

Of course that means I have to hide how petrified I am but she doesn't have to know that!

lulabelle Thu 28-Jul-05 10:29:57

Thanks for all your messages, ds is 3.5 and has been with me to my dentist before, however, all my dentist has ever really done is let him sit in the chair and ask him to open his mouth whilst he has a look, the holes started to appear around the time he was three like your dd scatterbrain. Perhaps like you say they have not developed properly as the rest of his teeth are really white and nice. I'll let you know how I get on! Thanks again. x

Bugsy2 Thu 28-Jul-05 10:49:56

Apparently, alot of whether you have good or bad teeth is genetic but obviously the dental industry aren't too keen to tell people that, because they would make less money out of all the dental products we buy.
My children have a very haphazard approach to teeth brushing (because I tend to forget to remind them)and eat far too many sweets and yet the dentist always congratulates them on their great teeth and says how well they must brush them. I stand there feeling such a fraud. However, I have good teeth and gums and again I do no more than a quick brush morning and night.
All of which is a very long-winded way of saying - don't beat yourself up about this. You are not a bad mummy.

bobbybob Thu 28-Jul-05 10:51:46

It's Xylitol not Zorbitol, but be careful, it can have a laxative effect.

lulabelle Thu 28-Jul-05 11:14:54

I have good teeth and my partners aren't bad, i.e. mine are very straight and although not dazzling pearly white, they are good colour and condition, I have a couple of fillings and have had an extraction but that was due to wisdom tooth pushing into it, it was healthy. I think I will be ok as long as the dentist doesn't make me feel bad about them - I will probably burst into tears, I'm very emotional at 18 wks pg!!

aloha Thu 28-Jul-05 11:38:30

Dummies don't harm teeth at all decay wise (they may even help as the sucking washes the teeth with saliva). I have congenitally bad teeth too and had a very depressing time as a child and really hope ds and dd will have better luck. Good luck. I can understand your being upset.

Scatterbrain Thu 28-Jul-05 12:03:32

Oops so it is !! And me a scientist and all !!!

Xylitol !! Will remember that !

BTW - the toothpaste has absolutely no laxative effect on my dd !

lulabelle Thu 28-Jul-05 12:50:41

Its only two and a half hours to go, I have butterflies in my stomach! I feel so silly, I keep telling myself, this is not a big thing, why am I getting so worked up about it? He knows he is going to the dentist but does not seem too bothered about it now!

Scatterbrain Thu 28-Jul-05 13:26:31

It's horrid isn't it ?

I felt the same - but you MUST keep calm - they pick up on our worries and that itself worries them !! So keep smiling and saying "I love going to the dentist" "I can't wait for him to have a look at your tooth - he's going to make you feel all better !" etc...

Say it enough and you might start believing it !! Actually - might be better not to say too much at all - might worry him more !
Sorry - am even contradicting myself now !

Good Luck x

alison222 Thu 28-Jul-05 14:20:02

hope it all goes well. We went to the dentist earlier in the week, and the dentist has put some sort of filler into DS 's (4.5)back teeth as they are a funny shape apparently with really deep pits in the biting surfaces in the pre-molars making it difficult to clean as a toothbrush cant get down far enough. Apparently this stuff will release flouride over time and stop any decay which may have started stone dead as well as filling the gap to prevent anything worse from happening. Perhaps your DS may get something like this?

lulabelle Fri 29-Jul-05 13:38:55

Sorry for the delay in posting...the visit went ok, I didn't go in the end, dh took him. He went in and sat in the chair let them look in his mouth, etc then he got upset, he has to go back for a 10 min appt next week, the dentist is just going to clean the teeth out, he said (like many of you) that the teeth maybe just had not developed properly. He had a sticker and was quite excited when he got home, he liked the buzzer thing that they will clean his teeth out with, but who knows how he will react when its buzzing in his mouth!! He hasn't mentioned it since and doesn't seem too bothered about it but come next Tuesday it will be a different matter, at least he has a very early appointment so he won't have all day to think about it. Thanks again for all of your responses.x

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