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Ideas for things to do with 18 month old ds

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anchovies Wed 27-Jul-05 11:15:38

Need some new ideas please!

So far we do
out of the house: the park, swimming, sandpit, shopping etc

in the house: general toys (he's bored of this stuff) blocks, play kitchen etc baking, painting, dressing up, treasure hunts, cbeebies

Basically we are both bored and want some new ideas!

compo Wed 27-Jul-05 11:18:23

the library?

zubb Wed 27-Jul-05 11:18:39

woods (if any near you)

ds2 loves playing with balloons / balls at the moment - will spend ages playing 'catch' - which involves him missing the ball and running round trying to pick it up - or kicking it.

compo Wed 27-Jul-05 11:18:44

also mother and toddler groups, music groups etc

Fran1 Wed 27-Jul-05 11:25:12

Singing and dancing.

Messy play with gloop - mix cornflour with water and spend hours of fun watching it drip from your fingers but feel solid in your hand. That one probably amuses me more than dd

Sticking with pva glue. cut pics from magazines and stick on paper.

play doh

hana Wed 27-Jul-05 11:35:34

making tents with chairs and blankets?
washing windows and dusting ( seriously! my daughter loves this!)
gluing with dried pasta beans etc
it's hard isn't it, esp on yucky rainy days like this

zubb Wed 27-Jul-05 11:38:50

agree with hana - get him to help clean the house - both my sons love polishing and hoovering, or emptying the washing machine - I make use of them now as I'm sure it won't last!

anchovies Wed 27-Jul-05 11:49:46

Thanks for those, forgot to say we already go to the library and he's an expert cleaner!

Will try the cornflour and tents this afternoon and will get some glue, balloons and playdoh!

Pomi Wed 27-Jul-05 15:34:50

Expert cleaner at 18 months. How did you get him to do this? My 19 month ds is expert in making mess and i keep cleaning all day.

vivie Wed 27-Jul-05 20:04:07

Pet shops are a good time filler. Both dss love seeing the bunnies.

oooggs Wed 27-Jul-05 20:18:41

Visits to garden centre, blowing bubbles, play dough, musical instruments (banging pans etc...)

basketcase Wed 27-Jul-05 20:29:39

DD2 is similar age. She loves animals - garden centres with pet zones are free and great value, particularly the fish depts followed by a cafe trip.
She loves bike rides now - have you got a bike and baby seat? She will spend hours cycling with me around the local countryside.
playdough - big favourite.
Gloop - we love that stuff too. I put a drop of lavender oil in and experiment with a tiny amount of food colouring if not too un pc.

Another tactile messy thing is porridge oats and a little warm water. Lovely squidgy messy stuff.
Softplay centres are good, do your local sports centre do any summer holiday gym type tots activities?
We do nature walks - make a wide "bracelet" of card with sticky tape on the wrong way, when going through the local park stick leaves, feathers, flowers etc. on to it - my DD loves doing this. When we get home we uncurl the bracelet and make a collage with all of the different things.

lunavix Thu 28-Jul-05 16:26:50

look here

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