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DD (8 yrs)Flying back to the UK in her own on Saturday!!!

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luckylady Tue 26-Jul-05 00:04:19

DD is flying back to see her dad.

I was ok with it but now the time is getting close I can feel myself starting to panic. I am even considering flying with her and staying for a bit.. but dont think DH will be happy as we were only home last month so money will be an issue....

I know she will be alright and she is looking forward to it.. Its just me...

I know that I am going to cry at the airport but i will have to try and hold back the tears so she doesn't see me crying as this will set her off...

What am I going to do also for 3 weeks without her... saying that she is flying back with my mam on the 19th Aug then staying in a hotel with her until it is time to go back to school... I will of copurse be seeing her everyday though whilst she is with my mam .

luckylady Wed 27-Jul-05 07:11:29

oh well I will just speak to myself

I have spoken to DD again about it all and she is really looking forward to her little adventure on saturday... so I will put on a brave face for her until she is out of site..

We are going to pack her suitcase tonight..., this is the longest she has ever been away from me I am going to miss her like crazy..

mummynomates Wed 27-Jul-05 07:12:53

have no decided to change my name again

mummynomates Wed 27-Jul-05 07:13:36

or should that have been another

WideWebWitch Wed 27-Jul-05 07:32:07

I know the feeling, ds went to India with ex dh when he was 4 and I cried and cried and couldn't sleep until I knew his plane had landed. Good luck, I know it's hard.

Distel Wed 27-Jul-05 07:39:54

Have no advice as I have never been on an aeroplane, so obviously neither have my children BUT please change your name back to Lucylady and change that back to !

Distel Wed 27-Jul-05 07:40:34

Luckylady, not Lucylady!!!!!!!!!!!

mummynomates Wed 27-Jul-05 08:17:01

Thanks Distel and WWW..

Hausfrau Wed 27-Jul-05 09:15:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

megandsoph Wed 27-Jul-05 09:34:41

I used to fly with my wee brother around this age nearly once every 2 months from uk to germany and back for two years... I was eight and my brother was seven. It was fantastic getting preferential treatment from the staff was great

mummynomates Wed 27-Jul-05 10:55:43

Thanks all. I used to do it too when I was her age to Germany to see my dad... but she is my little girl..
I yhave told her what a fab time i used to have..

Fingers crossed she will have a fab time too. [smil]

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