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Help 9 month old keeps waking in the night

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Turtle35 Mon 25-Jul-05 13:35:38

Up until now DD has been an excellent sleeper but is now waking 3 or 4 times a night, I put the dummy back in (terrible I know) but she continues to wimper and moan and I am afraid it will turn into full blown wail! What is going on??? Is it teething? she does have a few more coming in at the top. Or is it a bad habbit and she is looking for attention? I don't know what to do? She isn't eating much at the mo so I am afraid she is hungry. It feels like such a guessing game. I try her with water but that doesn't help either and of course check her nappy and usually change it to be safe.

Any advice......

nell12 Mon 25-Jul-05 17:23:23

give her as little attention as possible when going in to replace dummy, because otherwise she will expect you to stay and play and the crying will be because she is miffed that you did not stay.
Give her weetabix and fruit (or similar) for tea as that needs 4oz milk and will fill her up for ages!
Hope it is just a stage for you both!

Turtle35 Mon 25-Jul-05 18:23:11

thanks ever so much, any advice is totally appreciated!!

Bellie Mon 25-Jul-05 19:25:10

Hi Turtle - I am sure it is teeth! (my answer to everything at the moment ) DD is also having a spate of doing this and if I go in quietly and put her dummy back in she usually settles herself. If it gets really bad I put some calgel on and again she usually settles herself.
What do you give her for tea if you think she is hungry? Is it worth giving her slightly more to see if that helps.

MrsDoolittle Mon 25-Jul-05 19:45:53

Have you tried medised?
I was pretty sure it was teeth, as she's usually a great sleeper. Didn't need it too often, and just once to get her off to sleep.
It won't last too long.

Turtle35 Tue 26-Jul-05 09:45:47

thanks for the tips but I am giving her Medised and that isn't working, I try and put bonjella or calgel on her dummy in the middle of the night and that doesn't work, I am trying to give her vegetables in the evening with fruit for pudding, what ever she will eat, it's always a battle to get her to eat anything right now.

last night she was up every two hours!!!

Poots Tue 26-Jul-05 20:11:57

I found the homeopathic teething powder (Nelsons Teetha Granules or Boots do their own) to calm my two down at that stage. Obviously that won't help tonight if you don't have any in but if it continues it might be worth getting some.

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