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Proud mum moment - please let me enjoy!!!!!

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mandymoo Sun 24-Jul-05 17:03:15

Hi - dont know if this is where i should post it but never mind....

Went to neighbour's DD 2nd birthday party (my dd is nearly 3). tbh wasnt looking forward to going as didnt know many other people. BUT DD was impeccably behaved and shared amazingly well. She had her first hair cut yesterday and looked so cute. I was/am really proud of her. She is not a particularly sociable child but i am so proud of the way she was today. I feel very proud!!!

Just thought i would share this with you. Yes, i am smug atm!!!!!!

KBear Sun 24-Jul-05 17:11:18

and so you should be, enjoy your proud mummy moment!!!

(I have one too - my DD learnt to swim today so I'm very proud too - hope you don't mind me sharing your thread!!)

mandymoo Sun 24-Jul-05 17:12:17

Go for it Kbear - enjoy it too!!!!!! How old is your dd?

KBear Sun 24-Jul-05 17:19:50

She is 6. Had some swiming lessons back in feb which scared her (horrible teacher) and I couldn't get her back in the pool for ages.

We've been going every week without fail and finally today she swam - about half a width - I was in shock. THEN she turned over and swam about a width on her back. She was able to float a few weeks ago and she just started kicking and she was off. What a moment!

I always tell my two (also have a DS who is nearly 4) how proud they make me when they behave well when we're out and make a big deal of it because it's nice to think they won't show you up! Well done your little DD!

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