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9 yr old DS not allowed to watch Family Guy.

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maltesers Sun 28-Mar-10 18:41:04

And quite right i think . Trouble is my older son of 21 has the DVD but youngest DS hasnt seen it but seen snippets on U tube. He is also obsessed with war type films, programmes.....and The Simpsons....
He is now off school for 3 weeks and i cant stand him watching the Simpsons every day. Am going to hide the DVDs for a few days . Are your sons crazy about these programmes ??????????????
Any opinions please??

Shaz10 Sun 28-Mar-10 18:45:18

My 8 year old nephew is obsessed with South Park despite never having seen it. He claims his friend has watched it which I highly doubt. It's probably because he knows he's not supposed to see it.

I remember watching the Young Ones when I was 7. I never understood much of it though, as I realised when I watched it as an adult. I just remember laughing because Neil had long hair (that was unusual round my way!)

Agree not to let him watch FG but personally I wouldn't have a problem with The Simpsons. Although he's your son so it's completely your choice.

MathsMadMummy Sun 28-Mar-10 18:46:52

No way would I let a 9yo watch Family Guy (I love it myself BTW). Simpsons is ok, IMHO. It's on at 6pm after all.

Absolutely LIVID when my DSDs were allowed to watch Family Guy in school - they're 11 FFS!!! It's a 15 rating! So aside from personal taste, they were flouting the age limit, without any consideration of asking the parents... angry

Your DS is 9, you can be in charge of what he watches! My DSDs are allowed to watch all manner of crap at their house but they know that at our house, they abide our rules.

RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 28-Mar-10 21:13:32

Absolutely not the Family Guy for this age group - it is so crude, controversial and un politically correct it's been banned in the States on more than one occasion.

It's humour is based on sexism, racial differences, finding pedophiles and physical disabilities funny,it mocks AIDs sufferers, etc etc.'s brilliantly funny and me and DH love it, but our DS ( aged 10 ) wouldn't understand the 'tongue in cheek' nature of the humour and might think that it was real IYSWIM

nickschick Sun 28-Mar-10 21:17:15

I think it rather depends on the 9 year old ...our youngest ds who is ermm.....9 has always had sleep problems and is often awake at 11 and is allowed to come down so long as he sits quietly-usually he reads but he does 'get' family guy,he knows what appropriate and whats 'funny' and isnt silly about it - sometimes dh will say that its extra unsuitable and switch it over though.

nickschick Sun 28-Mar-10 21:18:02

PS i have never watched a full episode - I dont like that sort of humour.

hocuspontas Sun 28-Mar-10 21:23:00

I won't even let my 15 year old watch it. She says she gets it but even I don't sometimes! (What was it all about when the daughter was having a relationship with the dog? confused)

KerryMumbles Sun 28-Mar-10 21:23:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nickschick Sun 28-Mar-10 21:25:52

that was one of the episodes dh said was extra bad.

LynetteScavo Sun 28-Mar-10 21:28:39

I certainly don't let my 11 yo watch Family Guy!!! Oh, yes...he would so "get it". which is exactly why he isn't allowed to watch is.

He is allowed to watch the Simpsons, though.

maltesers Mon 29-Mar-10 09:08:26

Its very difficult to sensor what my DS watches at his Dads house and is allowed to watch Band pof Brothers (aged 9) , LEON which i gather is an 18 rated film and a Samurai film bout the Japanese..head choppings off etc.....not happy bout it and have spoken to dad bout it many many a time but my wishes are just rebuked !!! GGGGGrrrhhhhhh!!

vickibear Fri 01-Jul-16 07:52:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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