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How to stop 3yo kicking off duvet in night and calling me because he's cold!

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He's been in a sleeping bag until recently, but really, really wanted to try sleeping with his duvet all night.
The problem is he turns quite a lot and the duvet ends up at the bottom of his bed, and he gets cold (even though in flannel pjs and quite warm in his room).
We've "practiced" finding the duvet, but somehow at night he never manages it.
I've looked into getting some of those duvet-holding clip things, but they are for cots ie you need bars, which he doesn't have.

He is waking up around 4 times a night, and for him it's no problem, he just turns over and goes straight back to sleep. I, however, have to get out of bed to cover him again, and I cannot get back to sleep again for ages. It's been going on for about 3 weeks now and I am EXHAUSTED. He's very anti going back to sleeping bag, and tbh, it's soon going to be too small for him anyway, so if there was some of getting his used to the duvet, I'd do it.

Any tips or ideas gratefully received!!


compo Sun 07-Mar-10 11:08:46

can you put a sheet over the duvet and tuck it under the mattress?

PureAsTheColdDrivenSnow Sun 07-Mar-10 11:12:43

Is it a full sized single duvet? Put it on the bed the wrong way round, and tuck loads of it under the bed.

MarineIguana Sun 07-Mar-10 11:16:16

We use one of those big indian cotton bedspreads that you can get in hippy shops - wrapped all over and round DS's duvet and tucked in very deep under the mattress. He can still wriggle so much it comes undone on a good night! - but it's a lot better than without it.

Oooh, excellent idea about the sheet!!!
It is a child-sized duvet, and I've tried tucking it into the sides of the mattress, but I think his turning/kicking is too much and it doesn't stay in.
But the sheet idea is brilliant.

<knew I should have come to MN straight away>

farmerjones Sun 07-Mar-10 11:17:47

jumper, socks and even gloves if need be.

phdlife Sun 07-Mar-10 11:17:49

dh says "velcro". it's his answer to everything grin

BlackYellowRed Sun 07-Mar-10 11:17:56

blanket or sheet to tuck in
bigger duvet

BlackYellowRed Sun 07-Mar-10 11:19:35

Also, continental duvets have a flap at the bottom end so you can tuck it in under the mattress and it stays put a bit better. Never seen those here yet though. Maybe sew on on?

BlackYellowRed Sun 07-Mar-10 11:20:44

Sorry meant duvet covers, not the actual duvet.

littleducks Sun 07-Mar-10 11:25:22

Tbh a child sized duvet is no good for wriggly children.

I would give him a single duvet, laid across the bed if necessary.

lol @ "velcro"

We're not in the UK, so I suspect what we have is indeed a continental duvet

<admits to bed linen ignorance>

He actually just got a huge Bob the Builder blanket (light fleecey type thing) which would be perfect for tucking in over the duvet.

Oh, I love it when you can't see any way out of a problem and then you lovely MN people come along and solve everything

<looks forward to first night of uninterrupted sleep for 3 weeks....>

It's particularly important because tomorrow is his first day at kindergarten so I want us both to be well-rested!
Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

BlackYellowRed Sun 07-Mar-10 11:31:33

Well... when I saw continental I mean Belgian! wink

BlackYellowRed Sun 07-Mar-10 11:31:48


MumNWLondon Sun 07-Mar-10 11:48:16

adult sized duvet duvet, tucked in sideways.

mejon Sun 07-Mar-10 15:56:57

We have a toddler size duvet inside a single size duvet cover so there's loads to tuck under the mattress on both sides (and the bottom too!).

Oh, I am liking these - very clever, mejon! And that will give me an excuse to buy that Bob single duvet cover for him too!

He's just gone to sleep now with his little duvet with the huge fleece blanket over the top, tucked well down into the matress on sides and bottom. Will check on him later to see how it's fared...

Thank you again for all the tips. I was getting v. frustrated with the interrupted sleep, and ds was starting sniffling with the beginnings of a cold today due no doubt to being uncovered for most of the night!

wb Sun 07-Mar-10 20:06:13

Duvet grippers.

JojJo MamanBebe do them. Probably other places too.

Simple smile

phdlife Mon 08-Mar-10 11:54:05

HopeFor I'd like a report thanks

I've got a flippy floppy sleeper here too and a bit worried how he's going to fare when winter gets here.

pollywollywoowah Mon 08-Mar-10 12:00:10

I have the same problem. Tried duvet grippy clip things and they made no difference. Duvet stayed neatly in place while DS managed to get out from under it and lie freezing on the top.

Shouting "Mummy!" very loudly several times a night.

Roll on summer is all I can say.

Well, I had the best night's sleep I've had in weeks!
Only once this morning did ds call me, and that was because he'd managed to turn sideways up onto his pillow confused
and was therefore cold. The duvet stayed more or less in place all night, held there by the giant fleece blanket which was tucked into the mattress all around.

I very much like the idea of the single duvet cover with toddler duvet inside, and will be trying that as soon as weather gets a bit warmer and having duvet and blanket would be too much. We've just had more snow here (in south Germany) and it was -11°C this morning when we got up, so I don't think double covers are too much at the moment!!

I don't think duvet grippers would work - unless you put on about 6 on each side - there's nothing to stop them kicking the duvet (or at least the top half) off them, is there?

jacobsmama Wed 14-Sep-11 21:56:13

Brilliant!!! Why didn't I come here first, Mum really does know best.

I've been having this probelm with ds1 who is nearly 4 years old and was wondering what to do with winter coming up again.

I've been looking up sleeping bags or anything else that might help but nothing looked quite like the right solution. He needs to be able to get up to go to the toilet at night and his feet are way too big for the fleecey sleeper suits.

He's in a single bed now but the sheet idea is fab, I'll be buying him a double duvet cover for his single duvet and tucking it round and under. Wonder if they do a Buzz Lightyear double duvet cover smile

Thank you!!!!!

rushofbloodtothefeet Wed 14-Sep-11 22:00:44

Of course they do!!

Iamseeingstars Thu 15-Sep-11 10:11:25

All in one sleeping pyjamas, fleecy with feet in

mousymouse Thu 15-Sep-11 10:18:38

ds looked like a michelin man at that age because we put him in tights, socks, turtleneck shirt underneath him pj's.
finally now (nearly 5y) he has learned how to get the duvet over him again if he wriggles out.

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