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Is there a knack to getting a small baby out of the bath without him screaming blue murder?

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lummox Sun 17-Jul-05 11:45:05

ds is seven and a half weeks and seems to really enjoy having a bath.

I normally bath him with dh there as well and we put his towel on the floor right next to the bath and put him straight into it. It can't be more than a couple of seconds before we are towelling him dry.

But every night he screams blue murder as soon as he is taken out and doesn't calm down for about ten minutes.

It's not the end of the world, but wondered whether MN folk had any advice on avoiding the screams - is there a knack to it?

giraffeski Sun 17-Jul-05 11:56:44

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Sun 17-Jul-05 11:57:14

Message withdrawn

3mummy Sun 17-Jul-05 12:04:10

My little girl does this too - she's now 16wks and loves the bath but like your little one hates to get out. I've finally devised a way to prevent her screaming the house down. I do sound a bit mad but I captivate her, completely mesmerise her by keeping her attention on me she seems to forget she's getting out the bath. To do this I sing loudly and highpitched and smile and make lots of silly noises.

Sounds loopy, I know, and I'm sure DH thinks I've lost the plot - but it really works, and bath time is much more pleasant!

Hope it works for you too!

spidermama Sun 17-Jul-05 12:05:04

Wrap him up and cuddle him sharpish.

lummox Sun 17-Jul-05 12:08:02

That sounds a really good idea 3mummy. He does seem to be captivated by silly noises and it might just distract him long enough to get him dry.

Thank you!

lol at your first post giraffeski. Reminds me of a bit in a 1920s parenting manual that I was reading which had a section on breastfeeding that said you should teach your newborn that it is "one suck, one swallow".

Strangely it didn't say how you are supposed to teach that to a newborn baby

Catbert Sun 17-Jul-05 12:12:13

I think all small babies do this, but I remember bathing DD1 in the room next to hers because it was warmer. Then after a couple of weeks when I would actually get quite agitated, because I didn't want to get to that screaming point, we moved to her nursery and bathed her there instead. Now, although she wasn't sleeping in there, we always changed her in there and it almost stopped the crying overnight. 2 possibilities. Familarity made it less "scary" or vulnerable, or simply that we had got to an age where baths started to become more enjoyable.

I am not sure it's cold. But when you think about it, in the water they are cosseted with warmth and arms, and apart from that they are never often naked - always something enclosing their tummies, even if just a nappy and I think it makes them feel more secure. Small babies often cry when being changed whether nappies or clothing.

It doesn't last long, whatever the reasoning behind it - and almost every child ADORES bathing quite quickly.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Sun 17-Jul-05 12:12:58

have the towel straight from the airing cupboard or off the radiator.... so it is really warm?!

KiwiKate Sun 17-Jul-05 13:09:55

Maybe DS hates being put on the floor. Could you hold the towel, and have dh hand ds to you, so he goes straight from the bath into your arms so you can have a bit of a cuddle (and surruptitiously dry him off a bit).

lummox Sun 17-Jul-05 13:19:42

like the warming the towel idea Jessicaandbumpsmummy - will definitely give that a go.

it may be that he doesn't like the floor Kiwikate, and we have thought about trying to keep him in the air, but when it has come to it we're a bit worried about dropping him (probably daft but he seems so slippy when he's wet)

Interesting about trying a different room, Catbert. At the moment we are bathing him in the ordinary bath with a seat-thing, so would have to invest in a baby bath to change venue. Might give that a go if he doesn't take to the silly noises!

maddyd Sun 17-Jul-05 13:35:02

I have always bathed with my babies for the first months. I would lie them on my legs which i think they found comforting as didnt experience the screaming thing.I would then hand to daddy before getting out myself.

charleepeters Sun 17-Jul-05 13:54:34

DS would never go in a baby bath so he used to come in when DP or I had a bat and he loved it! then he moved onto a small baby bath hammock thingy which was great untill he got old enough to roll out of it, now he has a bath seat and he loves the bath!

elastamum Sun 17-Jul-05 14:19:35

Instead of a baby bath why not get a board that fits over part of the bath so you cn put your towels on that and lift him straight out. My dad cut me one and covered it in sticky back padded plastic. it was one of the most useful things we had as you could also use it for nappy changing etc esp useful in a small room and when you want to give baby a quick wash.

popsycal Sun 17-Jul-05 14:57:58

hold his arms into the side of him
many scream due to the startle reflex

worth a try

KiwiKate Mon 18-Jul-05 03:50:23

Hi sorry, probably didn't explain it properly. One parent holds the towel, the other picks up slippery baby and passes to parent with the towel (even if the person with the towel holds baby in a cradle position rather than under the arms). It might take a few practices to get the technique going, where you can feel comfortable doing it and baby is happy. I know what you mean about worrying about dropping baby, but if you pop him into the (toweled) arms of the waiting parent in much the same way as you'd put him on the floor, then there should be minimal risk (or at least the same as if you were putting him down on the floor iykwim).

lummox Mon 18-Jul-05 10:14:55

3mummy - great idea! We tried it last night (went for meep, meep "this vehicle is reversing" type noises) and it definitely delayed the screaming and made it less intense when it did start. Might have worked even better if we hadn't started giggling.

Kiwikate - see what you mean. Will try a combo of the meep meep noises and quicker towel tonight.

Thanks again all.

Knew that MN would be able to help!

Yanka Thu 21-Jul-05 10:18:42

Hi, I had the same problem with my 3 months old and was advised to use hairdryer on her as soon as she gets out of the bath. While I mocked the idea initially, I tried it and she absolutely loves it - not even a peep when she gets out (provided the hairdryer is there and ready )

NotQuiteCockney Thu 21-Jul-05 10:22:34

We always used KiwiKate's technique. And if there was just one parent doing the bath, you tuck the towel into the waistband of your trousers, so you can grab baby, sit down, and put the baby in the towel in your lap.

Kelly1978 Thu 21-Jul-05 10:25:14

charliepeeters - what is that hammock thing you said about?

Sorry for the hijack!

wysiwyg Thu 21-Jul-05 10:48:06

Is it worth trying to bring bath time forward half an hour or so - perhaps your baby is really tired hence screaming, but likes the bath so much he is distracted during it?
Or you could try draping the towel over your shoulder, then just pick him up and snuggle him in the towel (more comforting than the floor?)
He's only v little so will hopefully be a short phase. Great news that he likes the bath though!

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